6 Subjects You’ll Study in GCU’s Justice Studies Program

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When it comes to making a societal impact and achieving a fulfilling career, few fields are as significant as law and law enforcement. Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies prepares students to provide fair and just treatment for individuals, as well as improve communities and change lives. Read on to discover the subjects that you’ll study in the justice studies program:

Criminal Behavior

While earning this degree, you will examine the basic theories of criminology and what motivates criminal behavior. These lessons will provide you with a better understanding of crime and criminals.

Policing and Adjudication

You will also learn about strategies, objectives and programs of the police and courts, along with their roles, public perception and interagency relationships.

Criminal Procedure and Public Policy

In a writing-intensive setting, students in the Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies program examine the criminal procedure process and how it relates to crime control and due process. They also study how the administration of justice is guided by public policy.

Civil and Criminal Law

In this program, the broad field of civil law is looked at to provide learners with a practical understanding of its different areas. Analytical techniques for resolving problems are also covered. Additionally, you will be provided with an introduction to criminal liability, the elements of crime and government sanctions of individual conduct.


Correctional agencies play an essential role in law enforcement, and you will study their programs, strategies, perspectives, roles, objectives and interagency relationships while earning this degree.

Strategic Data Analysis

When it comes to the administration of justice, a proper and effective use of research can be critical. Students will learn how to identify justice-related problems in the community, as well as how to collect and analyze data on an issue before applying criminological theories to solve the problem.

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