Is a Bachelor of Arts in History Right for You?

history books in a library

Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Arts in History program covers everything from global civilizations and politics to women in history and economic issues, and it is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of societal development and structures. Keep reading for insight into whether the BA in History is right for you.


What Skills Do You Want to Gain?

This Bachelor of Arts in History program prepares you to live responsibly in a diverse world and develop foundational skills that are valued today. As you complete your coursework, you will strengthen your communication, critical thinking, research and writing skills, as well as learn how to incorporate your faith and ethics into every dimension of your life.

What Are You Hoping to Learn in a History Program?

While earning GCU’s Bachelor of Arts in History, you will explore a broad range of course topics, such as methods used in historical research and writing, factors that shaped the U.S. from the colonial period into the 20th century, the study of history as a scholar and global civilizations from Eurasia, Africa and the Americas. Some of this program’s other areas of coursework include ancient Mediterranean history, Asian empires, Renaissance and reformation, recent U.S. history, 20th century Europe and the history of the Southwest borderlands.

What Are Your Career Goals?

GCU’s Bachelor of Arts in History is ideal for students who wish to pursue graduate-level history education. Also, this degree’s curriculum meets the requirements for law school application and offers you an alternative to a typical pre-law program. Besides providing you with the foundational structures that you need to pursue a master’s degree in history or entry into law school, GCU’s BA in History can prepare you for a career in policymaking, government, teaching, public service, business management or mass communication.

If you think that Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Arts in History may be the right degree program for you, then visit the College of Humanities and Social Sciences website or click this page’s Request More Information button to discover more.

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