Faculty Spotlight: Sarah Robertson

Sarah Robertson

Sarah Robertson is an online professor in Grand Canyon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Sarah earned her Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix in 2011 and is now educating students in the online classroom in courses centered on the art of teaching education.

Pursuing her passion, Robertson is an advocate for the online learning community. She loves being able to teach online, as it provides a unique platform for students to learn at their own pace. Teaching anywhere between three and six courses at a time, Robertson describes the online college experience as a “create your own adventure” kind of learning style. This allows her students to choose when and where they complete their schoolwork, fitting it in with their schedule to avoid stress and increase work quality and productivity levels. She also provides video lectures for her students to listen to at their own discretion.

Robertson likes how she can easily switch her focus from class to class, giving her students the time and care they need to succeed. While she believes there will always be a need for traditional classroom learning environments, she sees the future of online learning and wants to be part of its development, having a lasting and sufficient impact on the digital classroom. While the experience is different from teaching in person, Robertson still gets what every other educator gets out of being a teacher. She is driven by the opportunity to make a positive change on a group of students and feels strongly about the craft of doing so through the online classroom.

Learn more about Sarah Robertson by watching the video below:

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