Preparing the Future Politicians of America

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Politics is one of the most necessary aspects of our modern world. It provides organization and aid where we need it most, and allows citizens to be part of their country’s decision-making process. Those who pursue a degree from Grand Canyon University in government or history may have a desire to one day become a politician, shaping the future to help the next generation prosper.

Our Country Needs You

It is clear that the United States needs strong political figures now more than ever. With strong, dedicated politicians, goals can be accomplished with more urgency and pressing issues can be prioritized. While there are currently a great deal of passionate politicians today, there is a new generation of people seeking careers, with a desire to succeed. With drive and courage, you could be on

Politics at GCU

For students interested in politics, Grand Canyon University offers history and government degree programs you may be interested in as a starting point for your political career. Within these programs, you will have the chance to learn about:

  • The history of political action and the political philosophies behind such action
  • Public policy
  • Government institutions
  • The Constitution

This short list is only a handful of subjects that GCU’s political degree programs have to offer. With such a degree, you can have the option to take on many different careers, such as a paralegal, policymaker or teacher. You also can choose to go to law school and further your education, increasing your ability of acquiring higher-level jobs.

Vote in the 2016 Elections

The 2016 elections are quickly approaching. If you are not registered to vote, you can do so at If you are, do not forget to do your research and head to the polls this November. Out-of-state students can request an absentee ballot at to vote in their registered state.

As an American citizen, we have the opportunity to choose the individual best suited to lead our country for the next four years.

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