3 Success Tips for PhD Learners

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Completing a PhD can be challenging, and it’s not always easy to come up with the motivation and productivity levels that you need to earn your advanced degree. Whether you’re currently a PhD learner at Grand Canyon University or hope to begin this journey soon, consider the following success tips for PhD learners:

Read Papers

Learners can benefit from reading numerous papers early on in their PhD program. By becoming informed about what research has already been performed, you can gain better insight into where your PhD fits within your research field. Even after you have completed this step, be sure to keep up with new papers that are published and any research that is underway.

Write Early

As you earn your PhD, you will thank yourself later if you start writing early on. Write regularly and often while consistently documenting your progress and including what steps you have taken, how they were taken and what obstacles you faced while doing so. By getting into the habit of regularly writing at the beginning of your program, you can hone your writing skills and simultaneously accumulate content that you can use for papers, abstracts and proposals. At GCU, our doctoral programs integrate the dissertation throughout the entire program of study to help you accomplish this goal.

Get Feedback

While you may be aware of the importance of receiving assessments of your work, you can benefit by getting feedback sooner rather than later. Instead of tweaking and editing your work until you feel it is perfect, complete something that is adequate and then submit it for feedback. By cutting down on wasted time, this method, which is sometimes referred to as agile development or working in short sprints, can help you develop faster and complete more in a shorter span of time.

Grand Canyon University is committed to providing a quality education for each of our learners. If you’re ready to advance your career, then please visit our College of Doctoral Studies or use the Request More Information button on this page to learn about our PhD programs.

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