The Benefits of Earning an Online Doctorate

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It can be difficult to go back to school for a doctorate degree when you have other things that need your attention at the same time. Is it possible to manage being a doctoral learner while working a full-time job, managing finances, and maintaining a social and home life?

Fortunately, many learners successfully complete their doctorate degree every year.

Earning an online doctorate can help ease the stress of earning your degree, making it easier to take control of your education. Grand Canyon University offers several online doctoral degrees, including an EdD online and an online PhD, through the College of Doctoral Studies.

Work on Your Own Time

With an online doctorate degree program, you can pursue your studies around your everyday schedule. This allows you to have your busy days, take time to relax and work on your doctoral program when you have time during the week and over the weekend. Unlike evening or day courses, there is no inconvenience of having a set time you need to get up and physically go to class – you have total freedom to begin your doctoral journey in the comfort of your own home.

Gain Access to Resources

Online doctoral learners work with full-time faculty to complete their degree. GCU also offers tools, information, and resources to give you the chance to succeed in the most efficient way possible.

Another tool Grand Canyon University offers for the benefit of online students is access to the DC Network. This system gives you an easy-to-navigate platform in which you can communicate with other scholars and faculty about your program, ask and answer questions, and create and share scholarly work.

Attend Residencies

For most doctoral programs at GCU, learners are required to attend residencies. Residencies allow you to network with other learners and faculty while learning about your specific degree and ways you can become successful after earning it. Residencies take place on Grand Canyon University’s main campus, as well as a few off-campus locations. No matter where you attend your residency, there are many opportunities to grow professionally within your program of study.

Choose from a Variety of Programs

If you are considering an online doctorate, check out the options at GCU to see what is best suited to your career goals. A few of the online degrees you can earn include a doctorate in business administration, healthcare administration, leadership and many others, including programs with several emphases. These online doctorate programs start throughout the year, allowing you to earn a high-quality education on your own time. Taking the next step can be essential to boosting your career for better opportunities in the future.

Earning an online doctorate can be both educationally and emotionally rewarding. To learn more about earning an online doctoral degree or about Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies, contact us to request more information.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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