Doctoral Degree Spotlight: EdD in K-12 Leadership

Class of adult students and teacher

Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers the Doctor of Education (EdD) in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in K-12 Leadership for individuals who wish to merge their passions for administration and teaching with transformative leadership skills. This EdD in K-12 leadership program is offered by the College of Doctoral Studies in small online or evening classes.

Advance Your K-12 Leadership Skills

The EdD in K-12 leadership is designed to enhance your education leadership skills and includes coursework in topics such as ethical decision-making, ethical dilemmas and the evolution of leadership theories. While earning this degree, you obtain knowledge that prepares you to lead administration, teachers and fiscal management in K-12 settings, as well as develop confidence in research and writing as you complete your dissertation. Also, you discuss current issues in K-12 education and explore methods of preventing conflict and engaging others with the use of effective leadership strategies.

Study Topics Relating to K-12 Education  

Learners in this doctoral program in educational leadership examine a broad range of topics that impact K-12 education. Some examples of what you will study while completing your coursework include ethical frameworks, research foundations, politics of K-12 education, leadership development and strategic planning in K-12 education.

Advance Your Career in K-12 Education

While earning this degree, you acquire the knowledge and skills that you need to become a leader in K-12 education. Some common career options for graduates of GCU’s EdD in K-12 leadership include advanced positions such as school administrators, members of higher education faculty and consultants. Some of the settings where you may fill the role of a transformational leader after earning this EdD include educational agencies, universities, community colleges, and elementary and secondary schools.

Grand Canyon University is committed to providing our learners with an education that supports their professional goals. To find out more about our EdD in leadership programs, visit the College of Doctoral Studies or click the Request More Information button that you see on this page.

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