Purpose in Learning: The 2019 Doctoral Journey at GCU

<span>Purpose in Learning: The 2019 Doctoral Journey at GCU</span>

Life offers endless learning opportunities, and the College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University (GCU) thrives on helping you find them. In fact, the college’s mission is to create a vibrant learning community and guide individuals on a meaningful doctoral journey. From higher education to technology and psychology, all of our programs incorporate GCU’s Christian worldview to inspire service, integrity and purpose.


The next group of GCU doctoral learners will start in the spring 2019 semester. The Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology (PhD) program begins Feb. 14 and the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership (EdD) program begins on March 14. All of our doctoral degrees follow a unique framework we call “DNA.” The critical DNA components within both PhD and EdD programs include:

  • Strong academic support
  • Core content and emphasis courses
  • Research, knowledge and skills
  • Dissertation development, artifacts and assessments

At GCU, we strive to provide different academic formats and resources to help learners balance school on top of work, family life and more. The College of Doctoral Studies offers convenient campus evening and online programs. All PhD and EdD learners also participate in Residencies, which include collaborative and coaching experiences. Between campus evening classes and online options, our spring doctoral learners will benefit from flexible scheduling, attentive faculty and small class sizes. It’s our goal to help learners achieve educational success and effectively apply research, critical thinking and analytical skills to solve real-world problems.

As demand for specialized knowledge grows in our competitive market, GCU’s doctoral degree will set you apart from your peers. Within the College of Doctoral Studies, there are many different emphases available based on your field of study and leadership interests. To learn more about GCU’s doctoral degrees and the emphases offered, visit gcu.edu/doctoral.

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