Start Your Doctoral Journey This Fall

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The highest level of learning leads to the highest level of success.

Become a worldwide expert and build face-to-face connections with peers and faculty by earning a doctoral degree through an evening cohort program at Grand Canyon University.

Classes meet one evening per week on GCU’s main campus in Phoenix with additional coursework, research and assignments completed online so you can learn around your busy schedule.

PhD in Psychology Cohort

GCU’s PhD in general psychology degree can help you understand human cognitions, conditions, and emotions. Use this knowledge and your new skill set in teaching or conducting research within businesses, education or the government.

“It’s just getting ready for the end result, which is the dissertation, and they are so onboard with: ‘Hey, any way I can help you, I’m here for you,’” said Robin Massey, a learner in GCU’s PhD program. “That’s not just words; that is an absolute attitude.”

A PhD cohort begins Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015.

EdD in Organizational Leadership

GCU’s EdD in organizational leadership can help you lead and influence the next generation of education, a journey toward a professional pinnacle that will leave you fulfilled.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done in 20 years. I’m so happy,” explained Cathy Ames, a learner in GCU’s EdD program. “Every time I talk to everyone, I always tell them how happy I am with the program.”

An EdD evening cohort begins in January 2016.

GCU’s College of Doctoral Studies

Whichever program you choose, Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies’ integrated dissertation process, a wealth of resources and personal support team means you’re never alone on this challenging path. These resources are only a few built-in support systems that will guide you along each step:

  • Doctoral Community Network (DC Network®): A vibrant online learning community for interaction and sharing research content
  • Residencies: Two engaging four-day residencies foster collaboration and support
  • Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching (CIRT): Develop critical thinking and research skills or pursue funding for grants

Not sure which program is right for you? Check out a post on the differences between a PhD and EdD.

For more information about these cohorts and our doctoral programs, please visit our website.

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