Working Towards a Career in Technology and Engineering

STEM students talking

With virtually limitless careers available in the growing STEM industry, it can be overwhelming to find the field that best suits you and pave the path to success. Choosing the right degree from Grand Canyon University and obtaining a relevant internship are the first steps on your way to a prosperous career in STEM.

Computer Science and Information Technology

The computer science and information technology degrees provided by GCU help develop critical thinking skills and provide the hands-on experience needed to earn a job in one of many areas of technology. Internships in this field can help students gain more real-world familiarity with programming technologies like Raspberry Pi and C++. GCU’s BS in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Big Data Analytics or Game and Simulation Development, as well as our BS in Information Technology are just a few of the many degrees offered through our innovative College of Science, Engineering and Technology.


For those with an interest in serving others through their work while applying their knowledge of math and science, GCU offers engineering programs that incorporate hands-on labs and industry-driven capstone projects. To gain more exposure in the field of engineering, as well as build a professional network, search for a relevant engineering internship. It may be the key to securing an in-demand engineering position after graduation.


To learn more about identifying internship opportunities that can later help you secure a purposeful and fulfilling career, stop by GCU’s Career IMPACT Center. Make an appointment with a career advisor to explore career options and refine your interviewing skills to increase your chance at a wonderful opportunity to network and gain real-world experience.

GCU students can use their strong educational background as a stepping point towards a career in STEM. Speak with your admissions counselor about how you can join our community of like-minded students and make the most out of your college years.

To learn more about how our academically engaging and project-based College of Science, Engineering and Technology can help you combine academic and real-world experience, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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