8 Habits Every Student Should Practice in 2019


It’s finally 2019, and that means it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions. Instead of making the normal resolutions such as losing weight, being less irritable in the mornings and saving money by buying less coffee, we have more practical ones to add to your list this year. These are ones that every student should try to practice in their college career.

1. Make Time For You

While it’s important to be involved on campus and stay busy, it’s just as important to make time for you. Everyone needs a break from all the hustle and bustle and in college, it’s easy to get swept up in all the stress; however, if you’re going, going, going all the time, then eventually, you will feel burnt out. Take a little time out of your day to rest and do something for you. Whether it’s taking a long shower, watching a TV show, taking a quick nap or reading a favorite book, it will help relax you and get your mind ready for the next big event you have to go to.

2. Get at Least Eight Hours of Sleep Each Night

It’s no secret that sleep is the most important step towards having good mental and physical health. In college, it can be hard to juggle sleep with studies, friends, extracurriculars and internships. Make it a priority this year to go to bed early and get that full eight hours of sleep. There are many apps you can put on your phone to remind you when you need to go to bed to keep you accountable. Download one of those, and get a good night of sleep! Your body will thank you and your grades will reflect it!

3. Start Your Assignments Early

It’s tempting to do your assignments the night before they are due or even the day they are due; however, if you get into that mindset then you may not do as well as you could if you would have started a little earlier. You don’t have to do it a week in advance or even do it all in one shot. Look at the assignment when you first get it and make some notes or an outline. Then, a few days before it’s due, work on it for a little while. As the due date comes up, do a little bit each day until it’s all done! Edit it the day before and turn it in! It sure beats cramming it all in the last minute.

4. Drink More Water

Water is important. Sometimes, we forget that and choose more caffeinated drinks to keep us focused instead of just drinking some water; however, we need water to survive and we can slow down and lose momentum without it.

Bring a reusable water bottle wherever you go and try to make it your goal to drink as much as you can throughout the day. It’s easier to pay attention in class when you’re hydrated rather than shaky from all the caffeine. Plus, it’s healthier.

5. Go to the Gym

I know life is busy and the less important items get pushed down on our to-do list, but exercise is a great way to relieve stress and keep you healthy. Make it a goal to go to the gym at least twice a week this year. Whether it’s thirty minutes on the treadmill, weight training or abs, it all benefits your body and mind!

6. Hang Out with Friends

Studying can sometimes consume our mind when that is the only thing we do every day. While it is important, community is just as vital to having a healthy college experience! Make time for your friends and grab a coffee with them! Chat about life, hike or shop. The possibilities are limitless!

Friends are the ones who encourage you, help you and keep you on track. Make sure you surround yourself with them.

7. Get the Grilled Nuggets

Instead of going on a total healthy diet, just trade some unhealthy food choices for healthier ones. Maybe trade that soda for water one day, or have tea instead of a fancy latte. You can even apply this to your favorite food places such as Chick-Fil-A! Instead of the regular nuggets, get the grilled nugget meal. It’s healthier and tastes just as great! Plus, you still get those amazing waffle fries.

8. Read Your Bible

It can be hard to keep a habitual routine of reading your Bible, especially with all the other commitments you have; however, God wants to have a relationship with you and the best way to do that is by reading His Word! Set aside some time for God whether it be waking up a half-hour earlier, taking time during lunch to pray with him or praying right before bed.

GCU has many faith-filled events that can connect you to God. Some include The Gathering on Tuesdays at 8 pm in the Antelope Gym, Chapel on Mondays at 11 am in the arena, Life Group on your floor and much more!

Making these small changes in your life can help you feel happier and healthier – both mentally and physically. Start this year on a good foot and try to improve your health, faith and academics!

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