Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Home for the Holidays

Tatum sitting in GCBC on campus

Wondering how Grand Canyon University students spend the holidays? For freshman Tatum Sorrelman, Thanksgiving was the perfect break from a busy week at school. And like most of our own Thanksgivings, Tatum’s was a food and feeding extravaganza full of family and fun.

Tatum headed home for the holidays, as she had her first Thanksgiving with her large family on her dad’s side, which includes six uncles and 12 cousins! This potluck-style Thanksgiving dinner left Tatum in line and impatient to fill her plate. Engulfed by the mouthwatering aromas of turkey, stuffing and gravy, hunger escalates quickly on this holiday of thanks.

Tatum’s second Thanksgiving with her immediate family started with a delicious breakfast. Then Tatum, her family and dog went on a walk and soaked up the beautiful Phoenix weather as dinner cooked. Once dinner was ready, Tatum and her family indulged outdoors on the back patio in the sunshine.

But first – Tatum had to survive temptation before dinner was served: Sneak bites without getting caught. (Something we all struggle with…) The day got even more comical when her dad popped open a champagne bottle, startling Tatum and her pup.

Tatum shares how Thanksgiving break was exactly what she needed to recharge. After spending time with her family, she was excited to get through finals and her assignments, which marked the end of her first semester in college.

For a glimpse inside Tatum’s Thanksgiving at home, watch the video below:

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