A Freshman’s Guide to Welcome Week

By Morgan Lentz
Student, Honors College

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As a Freshman, there are a LOT of things to do to prepare for college. Sign this, set up this, don’t forget to get approved for this, oh and get yourself mentally prepared for college classes. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, especially that first week on campus.

Lucky for you, GCU has something called Welcome Week- basically a week jam packed of water slides on the grove lawns, lots of free food, and networking parties. It is the perfect way to get settled on campus and meet some new people (something EVERYONE is in desperate need of). I’m sure you have heard all of this before in the pamphlets and packets sent via mail or your representative, but what is it really like from the prospective of a student?

Everyone is super excited, nervous and maybe even a little intimidated when they first move in or step on campus, and that’s normal! Some go to absolutely every event possible from pool parties to campus tours, while others spend time in the dorms getting to know their roommates. So what you choose to do is based on what your interests are, and what kind of activities you want to get involved in. Universally however, every student should at least go to the various club and job fairs to see what you are interested in. Getting involved, like anything, is what is going to make your college experience one to remember.

The Honors College orientation is a great way to get involved. Learning more about opportunities on campus and attending appealing events to you will also introduce you to other students who have the same interests and hopefully build relationships with peers you might be seeing often the next 4 years.

So if you don’t make the most of your welcome week and sing up for every club and every job opportunity, make a solid group of best friends and feel totally comfortable on campus- you are the weird one.

Just kidding! Most freshmen have this fear, but in reality- it takes more than just one week to get used to college. Everything is new and most of your peers are in the same boat. Finding friends, hobbies you like, and a good studying routine takes time- so don’t put too much pressure on that first week there. Sometimes it can be totally awkward and not everyone you hang around during welcome week are the people you end up with at the end of the year.

My best advice? Be adventurous, take advantage of all of the cool events around campus, be you, and don’t expect yourself to have it all figured out. Enjoy your first week of college and embrace the weirdness of it all, you only have one!

Grand Canyon University’s Honors College provides an enriching experience for motivated and ambitious students. For more information about GCU’s Honors College, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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