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By S. Jordan Montgomery

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“Why should I be interested in the Honors College at GCU?”

Many people ask me this question since I am in Grand Canyon University’s Honors College. I usually respond with a list of events hosted by the Honors College, including PAC Boot Camp, Project Management Fellowship, Future Focus Fridays and peer mentoring. After this, a confused face usually forms; I respond by slowing down and detailing out these events for them.

PAC Boot Camp

PAC Boot Camp offers our honors students an intensive 8-week program hosted by Career Services and business professionals. Do not miss this opportunity to get connected, prepare for your future and develop your professionalism and leadership skills.

The program includes five workshops as well as:

  • 50 free personalized business cards
  • Certificate of completion
  • Personalized appointment with Career Services to review your resume, practice your interviewing skills and learn about research internships, medical schools, graduate schools and career opportunities
  • Advice from a professional mentor from your future career field

Project Management Fellowship

The Project Management Fellowship is a great opportunity to get connected to various faculty, staff and leaders at GCU while making an impact and leaving your mark on the university! Already have a project of your own in mind? Bring those ideas along, and we will support you in those efforts!

Participants have their Annual Spring Symposium requirement waived, and students in the fellowship are automatically be nominated and considered for the Final Spring Symposium Showcase. Only 15 groups between the symposium and Project Management Fellowship will be invited to present, but all projects will be considered.

Future Focus Fridays

Meet with an honors career adviser during Future Focus Fridays in the Honors College offices. During Future Focus Fridays, you can get career guidance, mock interview practice and assistance preparing for life after college. You can also learn about internship and shadowing opportunities, resume building and much more!

Peer Mentoring

Meet with an Honors College liaison to talk about your degree program, career path, the college experience and life in general! These upperclassmen honors students have lived through it all and are here to serve you!

Honors College Club

The Honors College Club welcomes honors students to connect, get involved and meet other Honors College students. Through friendship in this tight-knit community, students support one another’s academic challenges and achievements, while creating lifelong bonds. Students are notified of and enjoy attending honors-exclusive events, social activities, guest speakers and fun gatherings scheduled throughout the year.

Colangelo Scholars

Enhance your honors experience as a member of Colangelo Scholars, a dynamic and business-driven organization welcoming all honors students to join. Members of Colangelo Scholars engage in topics including current events, effective leadership, keys to success and more!

Feed intellectual curiosities by meeting with top entrepreneurs and business professionals in the country. Explore networking and internship opportunities along the way. Throughout the year, attendees also have the opportunity to meet sports industry legend Jerry Colangelo and Randy Gibb, dean of the Colangelo College of Business.

Honors STEMists

The Honors STEMists is an organization designed to support Honors College students who study within rigorous STEM-related fields. We participate in events, field trips, guest speaker opportunities, peer mentoring, study groups and more!

International Excursions

The Honors College offers students once-in-a-lifetime international travel opportunities to enhance learning and exploration. Embark on adventures throughout the year to discover new countries, experience different cultures, see incredible natural sights and learn about famous landmarks. You will have the opportunity to be led throughout Europe by local tour guides and experts, in addition to Honors College faculty and staff trip sponsors.

Vocational Mission Trips

Explore your chosen career field while experiencing the Lord’s blessings through the joy of service. The Honors College mission trip provides students with nearly 20 vocational occupations to choose from, including medical arts, physical therapy, dentistry, business marketing, social work, sports and exercise, education and more.

Honors Tutoring

Looking for study partners or extra assistance in various subjects? Stop by the new Honors After Dark sessions to work with LEAD’s who are in the Honors College!

Why Choose the GCU Honors College?

The most frequently asked question, after why the Honors College at GCU, is how hard are the classes compared to non-honors classes? Well, here is an example. In English class, instead of going into the fundamentals of how to write, your class would go into why you write this way. The lessons are based more on critical thinking, rather than lecture and homework.

For an honors addendum, which is when you are in a regular class but you are taking it as an honors credit, the professor adds a few assignments that you have to do but the other students do not. You only have to take 20 honors credits to graduate with honors (around 5 classes), which is not a lot compared to how many classes you take for your degree program.

One of the best things about the Honors College is that there is no fee. The Honors College at GCU is free, unlike so many other university honors programs.

Kara Morrow, an honors student majoring in History, gave this advice to other honors students: “Take advantage of the opportunities the Honors College gives you. GCU pours into its students to grow us, challenge us and help us find our purpose, but you have to be willing to attend the events and get the most out of them possible.”

Ready to join the Honors College at GCU? Check out the requirements to join to see if you qualify for automatic enrollment or to apply! Learn more about GCU by visiting our website or requesting more information by using the button at the top of this page.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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