Making Connections in College: Exploring Beautiful Arizona

By Chelsea Evans


With many students coming from states as far as Colorado, Washington and Minnesota, moving to Phoenix can be a large adjustment, especially when there is an apparent lack of beaches and rain.

Yet, an uncontrollable appreciation for Arizona eventually starts to grow. The way the setting sun bleeds across the sky in a mix of reds, oranges and pinks, the giant saguaro cacti litter the desert hills with small specks of green and the luminescent auburn rocks descend into the clear sky, makes Arizona a truly different kind of beautiful.

For Grand Canyon University Honors College juniors Hannah Brennan and Lauren Taylor, their love for the state continues to grow substantially with each day. From taking spontaneous road trips to Flagstaff and Sedona to exploring the artistic Downtown Phoenix streets after church, they have not let a single week go by without exploring their newly adopted city.

When asked about how the transition went at the beginning of her freshman year, Brennan laughed, saying, “When I was planning on moving out here, I was like, ‘I am not going to be able to survive somewhere where I cannot go explore. It is just the desert – there is going to be nothing!’ Then, every single time I am insanely surprised. There is so much more to do than I expected.”

Smiling, Taylor replied, “I have such an overwhelming love for Phoenix.”

Not only does exploring Phoenix help develop an appreciation for the city, but it also helps nurture relationships with those around you. Taylor commented, “You build bonds and grow relationships with people by creating new memories and experiences. Friendships happen so much faster when you are doing life together.”

Brennan and Taylor proceeded to tell story after story of all the friends they have met in the midst of all of their adventures and how, in the end, this helps grow their love for Grand Canyon University as well.

Being open to places, adventures and friends adds so much value to your college experience. Even though transitioning into college is such a drastic change, allowing yourself to not be closed off makes a world of a difference.

Brennan noted, “If you have the chance to go adventure, just do it,” to which Taylor agreed in conclusion, “Take the opportunity whenever you have it.”

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