Making it in Melbourne: A Week in Sydney

By Kaitlyn Terrey

Kate in Sydney

Over my Easter break, I had to check out Melbourne’s rival city, Sydney. It is home of the famous opera house, P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way and competitor for capital of Australia (a contest which both cities lost, by the way.)

Sydney is like the cold, beautiful older sister of Melbourne. Not cold, temperature wise. It’s actually north of Melbourne and closer to the equator. There’s no denying that Sydney is gorgeous. Its harbor, for one, is absolutely breathtaking. It’s the kind of view that renders you completely speechless when you first see it and, if you have a weakness for beautiful things, may even make you tear up. I admit it – I cried a little when I first rounded a corner and saw it, not expecting to.

Aside from being picturesque, Sydney has a pretty amazing history and deep roots in European architecture and lifestyle. Melbourne’s got it beat in culture and its food scene, being home to people from 180 countries throughout the world!

Throughout our week in Sydney, we went to three beaches, including the famous Bondi, of which our memories involve laying curled up in hoodies on the sand. (The weather wasn’t ideal our first few days, due to the cyclone up in Queensland). In fact, the rain seemed to follow us around like a cloud hovering over a cartoon character who is down on its luck. BUT, the sun came out by the end of the week, so we thoroughly enjoyed our beach time at Manly and Watsons Bay, both short ferry rides across the harbor.

The week held many wonderful experiences and a lot of firsts, including going to a horse race, the Olympic stadium and seeing a 1920s murder mystery comedy. It was one of the best travel experiences of my life, and if I’m not careful, I may accidentally click “book” on another flight to Sydney while I’m in Australia.

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