Phoenix’s Top 5 Taco Shops for the Summer

By Lily Cooper


One of the greatest gems to be found in Arizona is the abundance of delicious tacos. If you travel around Phoenix, you will find a different taco shop on every corner- each one with its own individual flair! Some have a creative aesthetic, some stay true to its roots and some are just hole-in-the-wall restaurants that quickly become your new favorite place in town.

Here is a breakdown of some of the best places to get tacos in Phoenix. Each of these restaurants not only makes Phoenix’s heat bearable, but is also affordable and fun for all college students.

Two-Hippies Beach House

Located on Camelback Road, this taco place brings the beach to you. You can spot Two-Hippies by the hippie van out front and the colorful décor they have hanging all around. Their tacos are inexpensive, while full of flavor. You can also use your Student I.D to get a discount! All the more reason to grab your friends and check this place out!

Recommendation: Shrimp Taco

Taco Guild

This restaurant has been labeled a “foodie destination” and has been featured in many publications. Their tacos have even been named as some of the best in the country by The Food Network! It is located in a historic church with beautiful wood beams and stained glass windows. Taco Guild will charm you by their kind staff, food and ambiance.

Recommendation: Guild Chicken Taco

Joyride Taco House

If you are looking for a taco shop that is both great in flavor and provides a trendy and unique environment, this is the place for you. Joyride Taco House will certainly give you joy when you try their delicious tacos and chips and salsa. It is a great place to catch up with friends or go out with coworkers. Be sure to stop by on a Tuesday after 2 p.m. for Taco Tuesday when tacos are only two dollars each!

Recommendation: Braised Beef


Another one of Phoenix’s best! Carolina’s was founded in 1968 by Carolina Valenzuela who still looks over the kitchen. The food doesn’t usually exceed over five dollars and is a great place to go to with friends. They are best known for their homemade flour tortilla, which can be bought by the dozen. If you want a true Phoenix experience, Carolina’s is the way to go.

Recommendation: Shredded Beef taco with a takeout of flour tortillas.

Canyon 49 Grill

Last, but not least, GCU’s very own restaurant! Located within the GCU hotel itself is the infamous Canyon 49 Grill. Students can use their dining dollars and eat as many tacos as their heart desires, especially on Tuesdays when there’s a $5 special. While you’re eating tacos with friends, family or coworkers, go ahead and check out all the delicious desserts available as well.

Recommendation: Any and all!

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