Pursuing “A World Free”

By Chelsea Evans

Stephen and family and friends

So often, we become sporadically and momentarily inspired to do something great. Oftentimes, this sporadic inspiration remains just that- a powerful, but short, moment in which action does not follow. What if instead of this fleeting inspiration, we were able to recognize God’s calling for us in that moment? Perhaps, this “inspiration” is a significant piece in the puzzle in God’s plan for us and He is steering us in the direction of fulfilling that. And what happens when courage meets this conviction?

Stephen Crane, a senior honors student majoring in entrepreneurial studies, set out to do just that. This Phoenix native packed his bags last summer and moved to Plano, Texas. In this small Southwestern city, he became an intern with a Christian organization called pureHOPE, a nonprofit dedicated to pursuing a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness in an increasingly sexualized culture.

Crane expressed how his heart has been continually broken for those caught in sex trafficking and even those in bondage to media and acts that indirectly or directly support this trade. With his God-given conviction and passion, he played a monumental role in acting as a defense for the defenseless – a voice for the oppressed. Crane contributed to the beautiful writings of several articles, printed in pureHOPE’s annual publication, “A World Free.” This publishing is truly a work of art, saturated with moving stories, themes and photos.

“A World Free” is able to depict a spiritual agronomy through four crucial steps: prayer, understanding, resolve and engagement. All are necessary in the cultivation of a world free of sexual exploitation. Crane spoke of the importance of first seeking Christ in order to understand the freedom that He has given us and allowing our stories to be a living example to others. Only then are we able to fight sex trafficking at its root.

“Recognize the ways that you contribute to [sex trafficking] and seek ways to get away from that,” he said. “Be an example to others, share awareness and speak out against it.”

Crane described how God gives each and every one of us convictions for a specific reason. He gives us dreams, passions and talents. Smiling, he commented, “The most satisfying thing I’ve experienced is following through with those convictions, to live them out, to pursue them. If God puts something on our heart, He will take care of us to see it through and He’s going to bless us through it.”

If God is calling you to an issue close to your heart, what is stopping you?

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