Spotlight: Honors College Liaisons

Brunette Honors student smiles at camera while working on laptop in library

The Honors College provides many opportunities to help you succeed, not only in your degree, but in everything you do. The Honors College Liaison Program is one of those opportunities.

Zack Merhavy is a pre-med student who is also a liaison for the Honors College: “As a liaison, I provide mentoring, tutoring and guidance for students pursuing a STEM degree here at GCU. I also act as a communication bridge between the events and resources offered by the Honors College and get them out to the College of Science, Engineering and Technology and the College of Theology students.”

Merhavy and two other College of Science, Engineering and Technology liaisons, Emily Ghena, and Brianna Samonte, had the unique opportunity to travel to Seattle to attend the Minority Student Medical Career Fair to learn how pre-med and pre-dental students can be the most competitive when applying for graduate school. Their goal was to gain further knowledge and bring that knowledge back to fellow honors students.

“As liaisons, we offer an endless amount of resources, should a student choose to use them,” Merhavy said. “Each of us works directly alongside the deans and program managers for each college on campus to integrate both the Honors College and respective college for students to be well-versed in what they can participate in. The list of resources offered can go on and on, but if anyone would like to know more or sit down with a liaison, they can email”

The Honors College has liaisons for every college at GCU, which means there is one specifically for you and your degree field! These upperclassmen honors students have lived through it all and are here to serve you!

To learn more about the Honors College, visit our website or contact us using the Request More Information button at the top of the page.

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