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8 Qualities of a Successful Professional Writer

Want to be a professional writer, but not sure if it is the right program for you? Check out these qualities and see for yourself.

Ten Tips to Make Public Speaking a Breeze

Public speaking has its challenges, but these strategies can help you prepare yourself to present with confidence and character.

A Day in the Life Of a Public Relations Specialist

Grand Canyon University offers multiple degrees to help you succeed in a career as a public relations specialist. Learn more here.

A Method to the Madness: Why Hamlet’s Themes are Relevant to College Students

Nearly four hundred years ago, William Shakespeare wrote what are now considered to be the greatest plays in the English language. Although they are still studied widely by students today , including...

The Types of Work You Could Do for Political Campaigns

Are you interested in politics and want to help work for political campaigns? Here are the types of jobs you can do for politicians:

What Can You Do With A Degree in Professional Writing?

Learn more about the career opportunities a professional writing degree can offer you.

Tips for Becoming an Effective Advocate

Read more to learn about some ways to become an effective advocate and an even more effective communicator. Check it out here!

StartleBloom: The GCU Literary Review in its Third Volume

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is thrilled to release its third edition of the literary review first released in spring 2016. Over time the editorial board has changed, but the heart...

How Technical Writers Differ from Other Writers

Read more to learn about the unique and challenging area of technical writing and how a degree from GCU may help prepare you to enter this field.

Becoming an Effective Communicator

Communications degree programs are becoming more and more popular. Discover all the things you can do with a degree in this field from GCU here.

About Letters and Voices

Letters and Voices is a blog that explores the impact of communications and language in our daily lives. The choices we make in the communication messages we send and receive structure the nature of our relationships, drive our motivations and values in career and community, as well as create positive solutions to address current problems. We hope that you will find these blog entries engaging and thought-provoking as you reflect on the impact your own communication choices have in your life and the lives of those around you.

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