Exploring Careers in Public Health

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Public health continues to be a relevant career field in today’s world. The variance of careers within the field is substantial, which is what makes the industry both a practical career choice as well as a reliable one.

Those working in public health can find themselves addressing the country’s biggest epidemics. There are also opportunities that allow those pursuing a career in public health to express and share their passion in more local settings. Here are just some of the many careers in public health that are attainable through Grand Canyon University’s Master of Public Health program:

Global Health Research

Nongovernmental, international health organizations search for applicants with degrees in public health, a readiness to work hard and a passion for serving the needs in others. Global health research presents great opportunities for those who have a desire to help others. You may find yourself working for an organization that raises awareness for diseases and epidemics all over the world, provide the public with information and staggering statistics, and fundraise to continue researching and finding resolutions to end each specific cause (“Nongovernmental Organizations,” 2016).

County and State Health Departments

County and state health departments provide career opportunities in public health, but are a little closer to home. State health departments have a wide variety of duties, but two of the most prominent would be their responsibility to analyze the state’s health needs, and then to respond by establishing and providing resources for the public.

County health departments are responsible for keeping communities safe and clean, and managing the resources given to them for the public’s pregnancies, immunizations and dental care. Both of these departments are significant in the structure of our country and a great career option in the public health field.

Healthcare Companies

Finally, a degree in public health can be applied to a career in most healthcare companies. Healthcare companies and their focuses can range from conducting and researching medical billing to working directly with health insurance. In 2016, Business Insider compiled a list of the 50 best companies to work for in America, and healthcare companies made up 20 percent of that list. By earning a master’s degree in public health, you can pursue an exciting and rewarding career!

Healthcare organizations value Grand Canyon University graduates, because our curriculum connects classroom theories to working scenarios through many modalities. Interested in learning more about earning a healthcare degree at GCU? Visit our website or contact us today using the Request More Information button at the top of the page.

Written by Quin Jackson, a sophomore earning an advertising and public relations degree at GCU.


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The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.

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