Is Physical Therapy a Good Career?

physical therapist helping an elderly patient

Physical therapy can be a great career if you’re interested in medical science. Careers in the medical field are a popular choice, given the robust growth rate for these professions in the U.S. economy. A medical science career like physical therapy also offers the opportunity for personal fulfillment and meaningful work.

Furthermore, a career in physical therapy typically offers a favorable work/life balance. If you’re passionate about pursuing this type of career, you will first need to earn your physical therapy degree and then you can pursue licensure in the state in which you plan to practice.

The Chance to Make a Difference in People’s Lives

One of the many reasons why students decide to pursue a degree in a physical therapy program is that they feel called to a line of work that serves others in their community. These types of careers offer personal fulfillment and job satisfaction. As a physical therapist, you will be able to make a positive difference in the lives of your patients.

People often visit physical therapists after being diagnosed with an occupational or sports-related injury. In addition, physical therapists can help people with chronic conditions like arthritis acquire better functionality and less pain. In many cases, physical therapy can help patients avoid having to undergo surgery. When surgery is required, physical therapists help patients recover faster and regain their pre-surgical functioning.

The mind and body are closely intertwined. Patients who can improve their physical health through movement therapy typically experience less stress and a more positive outlook on life. This has positive effects on their overall well-being. Physical therapists can enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing they helped make a positive difference for their patients.

The Job Outlook and Average Compensation

Undergraduate students often find it helpful to consider the job growth outlook for careers that they are thinking about pursuing. In the case of physical therapy, this field is expected to experience tremendous growth for the foreseeable future. The exceptionally fast growth rate is likely due to the changing demographics of the country. As people grow older, they tend to require an increased level of medical care, including physical therapy. A physical therapist can help these patients recover from surgery, improve functioning and enhance their quality of life.

The Opportunity for Work/Life Balance

Many people like the thought of entering the medical field because they wish to help other people and make a positive difference in their community. However, many jobs in this field, such as that of a trauma surgeon or emergency room doctor, require working exceptionally long shifts. This can make it tough to sustain an ideal work/life balance.

The opportunity for a more harmonious work/life balance is why many students decide to pursue a physical therapy degree. Most physical therapists work standard, shifts and enjoy time off during holidays. Furthermore, if you decide to launch your physical therapy practice, you’ll have autonomy over your schedule.

The Acquisition of Advanced Medical Knowledge

It’s often thought that physical therapists primarily work with patients who have musculoskeletal injuries, such as ligament tears. However, physical therapists work with a wide range of medical issues. For example, they can help breast cancer survivors battle lymphedema and they can even help people overcome neurological problems like headaches and vertigo. Furthermore, physical therapists can work with people who do not have a defined medical condition, but who simply desire a better balance to promote safety later in life.

Because physical therapists work with such a varied patient population, they have advanced medical knowledge regarding the entire body and each of its major systems. Physical therapists are highly educated and incredibly knowledgeable individuals. Many people find the intensive learning journey to become a physical therapist as personally satisfying.

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