March is National Athletic Training Month

athletic trainer helping client Posted on March 20, 2019  in  [ Medical Studies & Sciences ]

This March is National Athletic Training Month. We want to promote and celebrate the profession of athletic training (AT) around the world. A proud sponsor of National Athletic Training Month is the National Athletic Training Association (NATA). NATA has more than 45,000 members world-wide and this month we want to celebrate all AT’s and their work. This year’s slogan is, “ATs Are Health Care.” ATs are not only health care providers to athletes, but also provide care to soldiers, workers and performers.

What Does an Athletic Trainer Do?

An AT is a health care professional who collaborates with physicians to provide emergency care and prevention, diagnose and treat injuries and medical conditions for people in work, life and play including athletes, industrial workers, military service members and public servants.

ATs are not the same as personal trainers or “trainers.” ATs are health care professionals who provide more health care services than fitness and conditioning. ATs are also part of a team of professionals who work collaboratively including, physicians, physical therapist, emergency medical technicians, physician assistants and psychologist. ATs are here to provide a continuum of quality care for the patients we are working with, no matter what field they are in.

A day in the life of an AT ranges from, acute life-threatening injuries to chronic illness or injury. ATs are equipped to treat and manage acute injury situations, such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and heat illnesses. For the active and athletic population, ATs are the first line of care. ATs are with the athletes the day the injury happens, through rehabilitation programs and present when the patient returns to activity. Since ATs are with these patients daily, there is a personal relationship built. This ensures quality individual care for every patient.

This March, we hope you get to know you’re local AT and learn more about their qualities and expertise as a health care professional. AT’s are at your high schools, colleges, hospitals, physical therapy offices, military bases, performance centers and more. This is National Athletic Training Month; remember “ATs Are Health Care.”

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Teddy Ogilvie

Teddy Ogilvie

Student, College of Nursing and Health Care Professions

Teddy Ogilvie is a Junior at Grand Canyon University in the Athletic Training Program; Teddy is also the Vice President of the Sports Medicine Club. He works together with the other officers in community service volunteer opportunities and creating mentorship among the club members. They are currently providing the entire medical coverage for the Run to Fight Children’s Cancer, which is a walk done here on campus. They also just completed organizing the Mock Scenario which was filmed and published on GCU Today.

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