What Can I Do with an Exercise Science Degree?

exercise science degree students working with clients in gym

An exercise science degree is perfect for students who are passionate about sports, health, healing and fitness. Have you ever wondered about the opportunities available to you while earning this degree? Continue reading to learn more about what your future may hold with a degree in exercise science.

Earn an Emphasis

When you pursue a degree in exercise science, you may be presented with an opportunity to choose a specific emphasis, such as physical education or sports performance. Your course requirements may vary among the different emphases, but regardless of which one you choose, you will explore the concept of fitness, examine how to evaluate an individual’s fitness needs and learn how to develop customized fitness programs.

Prepare To Earn Certifications

As you approach the completion of your undergraduate degree, you may be provided with the chance to earn certifications that will help you achieve your personal career goals. For example, if you decide to earn a physical education degree, this may qualify you for a career as a physical education teacher.

Choose a Career

Once you graduate from your program, your degree in exercise science can prepare you for an exciting and fulfilling career within the health and fitness industry. Popular career paths include:

  • Athletic training
  • Physical therapy
  • Physician assistant
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise physiology

Jobs You Can Get With an Exercise Science Degree

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers manage exercise regimens, perform fitness assessments and evaluate client progress. They work with their clients, either individually or in groups, to help them achieve their strength and fitness goals. This may focus on muscular endurance, physical flexibility and cardiovascular capabilities.

Fitness Center Manager

Fitness center managers focus on being responsible for the daily operations and decisions of gyms or various fitness centers. Fitness center managers can hire, train and manage employees to uphold the facility’s success. They are also responsible for the profitability of the fitness center and management of staff.

Health Coach

Health coaches focus on working individually with clients to improve their physical well-being and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Health coaches can prescribe dietary plans and exercise routines and monitor clients’ progress. They can also focus on disease prevention and searching for the root causes of clients’ illnesses. Changing clients’ dietary habits is also an important responsibility that they can preform.

Further Your Education

When you pursue an exercise science degree, you are investing in your education and your future. After you have completed your degree and spent time working in the field, you may decide to invest in your education even further by earning a graduate degree in a field like athletic training, physical therapy, medicine or occupational therapy.

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