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Dear Theophilus: How Were People Saved Before Jesus?

How were people saved before Jesus? Check out this blog post to find out:

Theology Thursday: Transcendence

What does transcendence mean? Amanda Jenkins explains it all in this week’s Theology Thursday. Check it out here:

Theology Thursday: God’s Providence

What is God’s providence? Learn all about it in this blog post. Read more here:

Theology Thursday: What Is Recompense?

Recompense means to give back in return. There is a settling of payments that Jesus taught us revealing His character. Check out more about this topic here:

Theology Thursday: Sanctification

What does it mean to be sanctified? Rob Krise discusses this in this week’s Theology Thursday. Check it out here:

Dear Theophilus: Is Halloween Evil?

Is Halloween Evil? We discuss this topic in this week’s Dear Theophilus. Check it out here:

Theology Thursday: Reconciliation

A lot is said about forgiveness and it is important. It brings freedom from bitterness, disappointment, hurt and can be the starting point to restored relationships. You see, forgiveness is something...

Theology Thursday: Redemption

In the Bible, salvation can be described and explained using a variety of images or metaphors. As we might admire a diamond by looking at it from different angles and under different light, the...

Theology Thursday: Expiation

The New Testament teaches—and Christians experience confirms—a dynamic and subjective experience with Jesus our Lord is both real and personal (Ephesians 6:24). Even more importantly, the Christian...

Dear Theophilus: Is Jesus Fully God and Fully Human?

Dear Faculty, How can Christians believe that Jesus is fully God and fully human? Sincerely, Theophilus Dear Theophilus, This is a difficult concept for us to understand since these two natures of...

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Living Faith is a Christian blog that interacts with a variety of biblical, theological and practical topics written by Grand Canyon University's College of Theology faculty and specially invited guests of the college. Our content provides practical and biblical advice from a Christian worldview for living our faith in the midst of an increasingly secularized world. In addition, our content wrestles with cultural topics and issues that challenge how we live out our faith as believers. For this reason, contributors to our Christian blog strive to write with compassion and apologetic concern to honor Christ and edify the church in every way possible.

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