5 Jobs You Can Pursue With a Screenwriting Degree

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Students seek degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting because they have a passion for the arts. They see themselves as someone who can inform, entertain or inspire an audience. They understand how films can shape and reflect a culture. At the heart of filmmaking is screenwriting. A film may begin as an idea but it can only continue once the script is underway.

Screenwriters learn genre-specific story writing elements and how to adapt the written word to the screen. They also learn the business side of film creation and how all of the parts of film production work together to create a final product. While many student scriptwriters immerse themselves in the world of film, they may find that the entertainment job market is difficult to break into. Here are a few jobs that screenwriters may choose to pursue that play on their artistic sensibilities and writing strengths.

Job Ideas for Screenwriting Students

1. Graphic Novelist

Graphic novels are essentially film storyboards that do not get made into animated or live-action films. They follow a story arc and share characters, ideas and emotions with an audience. Graphic novels, and their shorter comic book cousins, are written as a script. The scripts contain information about dialogue as well as what is happening in each panel on each page. Screenwriting students would be very comfortable translating their skills into writing graphic novels.

2. Podcaster

The best podcasts keep you tuned in week after week to find out what is going to happen. Some podcasts take a narrative approach and tell stories that grip the listener. Others choose a new topic every week and have guests discuss their thoughts and experiences. No matter what the format of a podcast, there is usually a scriptwriter involved. Podcasts use scriptwriters to ensure that either the narrative story is tight or that questions and topics flow effortlessly during a discussion. A screenwriter will excel in a podcasting environment due to their ability to tell stories of different genres and create serialized writing.

3. App Writer

Tech companies hire scriptwriters and screenwriting veterans in order to add realistic text and dialogue in their apps. Some apps have an automated pop-up that works with users in order to get their questions answered. Other apps use a storytelling approach to engage users. People with screenwriting experience do well working in technology due to their ability to understand how to convey information to an audience.

4. Speechwriter

Many screenwriters love to compose long dramatic monologues. They picture the person speaking their words and putting feeling behind their thoughts. This screenwriting practice segues nicely into speech writing. Screenwriters can write speeches for CEOs and politicians or other people who need to speak in front of others and want help crafting their narrative.

5. Training Scriptwriter

Many companies have moved to online or automated employee training systems. These online courses require scripts for voice-over artists or on-screen directions and information. Scriptwriters can use their film talents in new environments in the corporate world in order to help teach new employees.

If you have always dreamed of creating projects that are full of character, theme and expressive storytelling, then becoming a screenwriter may be the perfect path for you. Find out by enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting degree program at Grand Canyon University.

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