Performing Arts & Digital Arts

Performing Arts & Digital Arts

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How to Break Into Game Design

Do you like video games and want to break into game design? Check out this blog post to find out how!

5 Jobs You Can Pursue With a Screenwriting Degree

Learn about five difference job and career opportunities you can pursue with a screenwriting degree from GCU's College of Fine Arts and Production.

Acting Tips: Getting into Character

Looking for acting tips on how to get into character? We have some ideas here. Visit our website to learn about them and the acting programs at GCU.

Most Common Mistakes Made on DIY Websites

Everyone has a website. And many people decide that they do not want to spend a lot of money by hiring a web designer, so they make their own website. There are a lot of great options for DIY websites...

Tips for Encouraging Quiet Students in Theatre

Learn about the way quiet students can still thrive in a theatre environment with encouraging exercises.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Singing Voice in Top Shape

As a singer, your voice is your instrument. Just as you would care for the strings on a guitar and the keys on a piano, your vocal folds need care and attention. Vocal health does not have to be...

How Piano Students Learn to Overcome Performance Anxiety

Do you get nervous before you go out on stage to perform on the piano? Here’s how piano students can overcome performance anxiety.

How Advertisers Use Color

Color theory is a concept that most designers and advertisers know the basics of. Color is important because it affects the entire outcome of branding and advertising. Consumers’ brains use color to...

5 Photoshop Tips For Beginners

Photoshop can be overwhelming if you have no previous experience. Here are a few tips for beginners in Photoshop!

How Piano Teachers Can Integrate Tablets in Their Lessons

Tablets are an exceptional way to keep organized. Learn how piano teachers incorporate tablets into teaching their students.

About Performing Arts & Digital Arts

The performing arts at GCU includes multiple programs in Dance, Music, and Theatre. Within this area, we offer opportunities for students to learn their art through the many productions and concerts that highlight our year. Advertising and Graphic Arts, Digital Design, and Digital Film are the dynamic programs that comprise GCU’s Digital Arts. In all of these disciplines our students work side by side with our instructors as they learn and develop skills that will help them prepare for success in their given career.

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