How Can I Become a Christian Counselor?

Christian counselor holds client's hands for reassurance

If you have a passion for helping others, a career in counseling may be a perfect fit. Specifically, becoming a Christian counselor will allow you to integrate Christian principles into professional counseling practices and serve clients who are looking for scripturally based solutions through counseling. If you feel you have been called by God to help others in this way, continue reading to learn about how to become a Christian counselor:

Have a Strong Faith

First and foremost, Christian counselors must be strong in their personal faith. They must be confident in Scripture and have the desire to incorporate Christian principles into all they do. When working with clients, Christian counselors offer insight from their strong foundation in biblical knowledge and theological wisdom. In addition, they align Christian truths with the science and discipline of psychological theory. As a result, they are able to counsel believers and non-believers alike.

Earn a Quality Education

Education plays a critical role in preparing Christian counselors for their practice. Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Christian Counseling, offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, provides individuals with the educational background needed to succeed in their career as a counselor. In this program, students explore spiritual health, growth and character development for counselors. In addition, they develop a deep understanding of the gospel, preparing them to discuss relevant issues from a Christian point of view.

Gain Real-World Experience

While working toward your degree in Christian counseling, it is important to seek opportunities to put classroom theories into practice. At GCU, students enrolled in the Christian counseling program are required to complete a supervised pre-practicum and an internship before graduating. Therefore, they will graduate with a quality education and valuable experience.

Earn a Counseling Licensure

Almost every state requires counselors to be board-certified, and GCU’s master’s degree in Christian counseling is aligned to the national academic requirements established by the National Board for Certified Counselors. After earning your master’s degree, you will be prepared to begin the process of seeking certification and licensure in your state. In the end, earning a master’s degree in counseling will allow you to be one step closer to pursuing your passion and serving Christ in your career!

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