What is Geropsychology?

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While perusing the psychology programs offered by Grand Canyon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences, you may have stumbled upon our Master of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Geropsychology. This program is ideal for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in fields such as psychology, nursing, sociology or communications, and who are interested in working with aging populations. Continue reading to learn about the nature of professional geropsychology:

About Geropsychology

Applying the methods and knowledge of psychology to the aid and understanding of older individuals, professional geropsychology is a specialty within the psychology field. A geropsychologist helps those of aging populations overcome issues, maintain their well-being and achieve their maximum potential during the later stages of life.

Who Does Geropsychology Serve?

A professional geropsychologist works with the families of older individuals, residential organizations and healthcare social services to provide services for older adults. These services can be delivered in a range of medical, long-term care and mental health settings. Working in geropsychology requires specialized knowledge and skills. A geropsychologist is familiar with adult development and aging; the foundations of geropsychological assessment; mental and behavioral health in later life; and the foundations of intervention and consultation.

What Does Geropsychology Address?

Professional geropsychology is a specialty that focuses on biopsychosocial problems faced by aging individuals and their families. Some examples of the issues addressed by geropsychology include dementia and its related lifestyle and behavioral changes; managing and coping with chronic illness; and mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Also, a geropsychologist provides services for behavioral health concerns; changes in everyday living abilities and decision-making; and grief and loss.

GCU’s offers a master’s program and graduate certificate in geropsychology, created for individuals who wish to pursue an advanced study of psychology to improve the lives and quality of care for aging populations. Do you think that a career in geropsychology could be right for you? If so, click the Request More Information button on this page.

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