Chapel: Unify

By Paige Ferrari

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Welcome Back, GCU!

What better way to start the semester than to stand alongside your fellow students worshipping together? The first day of classes also means the first Chapel of the semester.

Grand Canyon University’s CEO and President Brian Mueller spoke to thousands of students, staff and faculty about the new year, hyping the crowd for what the school year has in store.

President Mueller’s excitement and thrill for this upcoming semester flowed from his words and ignited a passion to unify the student body. He pulled scripture from Ephesians 4:1-16 to exemplify the theme of unity found in the Apostle Paul’s letters to the various churches he planted.

President Mueller encouraged the crowd to not close the community off, but instead to “be the bridge!” for the community, the church and the student body. He hopes that Chapel this year will serve as a stepping stone for students to launch into the community and to be the uniting factor as the church.

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Any student taking Chapel for credit now gets to experience the vast abilities of technology by downloading the new GCU app on their smart phones. By attending Chapel and enabling Bluetooth, students no longer have to wait in long lines to scan in their IDs. Instead, just make sure to be in the arena to check in between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. to make sure your attendance is recorded.

Next Monday, join us back in GCU Arena for Chapel to hear from GCU Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin.

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