Answering Questions About a Career in Elementary Education

Elementary art teacher observes three kids coloring at a table

Are you hoping to become a highly effective elementary educator? If so, then consider earning Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, which can provide you with the groundwork to flourish as an instructor for elementary students. Offered by GCU’s College of Education, the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is designed to prepare you for a future as a grade 1-8 educator. In this degree program, you study theory and participate in field experience in perfect balance to ready you for effective leadership in diverse classroom settings. If you’re interested in working in this profession, then continue reading to learn the answers to common questions about careers in elementary education:

What Careers are Available in Elementary Education?

The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree can prepare you for elementary school teacher positions. Elementary instructors have many responsibilities, some of which include evaluating, educating and assisting students. At this level of education, instructors typically do not specialize in any particular subject. Instead, for grades 1-8, the focus is on providing future teachers with a broad educational foundation that encompasses writing, science, math, reading comprehension and history.

What responsibilities do elementary educators have?

An elementary school teacher is responsible for instructing students in groups and individually while evaluating their progress and communicating with administrators and parents or guardians. These professionals develop and plan lessons, perform assessments and manage their classrooms. Elementary instructors also maintain student records according to administrative regulations and legal requirements.

Grand Canyon University’s College of Education offers a wide selection of programs to help future educators reach their career goals. To learn more about GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree, visit our website or use the Request More Information Button on this page.

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