Spotlight: Student Teaching

by Nathalie De Vera
Alumna, College of Education

teachers in class

Student teaching is the time to apply everything learned in class. This is the time to learn from experience. Reflecting upon practice shows humility, eagerness, determination and a positive outlook that are all helpful in aiming to be a great teacher. I aim to be a great teacher because I want to inspire, educate and serve.

Professional disposition is the guide that teachers and aspiring teachers must consider to reflect upon and apply. Teaching and modeling respect to the students is essential. Teachers are influential. Hence, this a great opportunity to encourage good manners and respect towards themselves and others. I must stand as a leader that will protect, empathize and educate.  Providing a safe and productive environment motivates the students to learn and succeed. Teachers have roles and responsibilities for providing quality service of education and well-being by being nurturing, fair, professional and knowledgeable. It is important to have a growth mindset that a teacher must keep learning through research, professional development and reflective practices.

I have also learned the importance of maintaining a positive interpersonal relationship with colleagues, administrators, principal, parents and students. Showing respect, integrity, fairness and professionalism promotes a healthy working relationship. It also sets an example that will positively affect the people I meet and work with.

Aspiring teachers must be open to constructive criticism, which will help in learning to be an effective teacher. It is the time to learn from mistakes and find solutions to improve in areas of weakness. Examples of solutions could be finding effective instructional strategies, engaging materials and activities, appropriate classroom management, behavior system and other topics related to the field of study. I, as a future teacher, will strive to keep learning every day from experience, research, reflection and collaboration with other teachers. Also, creating a positive environment in the classroom will impact the education of each child, wherein he or she will feel safe and welcomed to grow, learn and achieve. I hope to create fun, inspiring and meaningful learning experience every day to bring out the best in each of my students.

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More About Nathalie:

Nathalie De Vera recently graduated with a BS in early childhood education from Grand Canyon University. She and her family moved to Arizona from the Philippines in 2005. Nathalie’s mother is a teacher and is Nathalie’s inspiration for becoming a teacher. Nathalie loves interacting with children and helping and seeing them learn. During her free time, she loves to cook, draw, write poems and stories, paint and compose songs.

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