Teaching Tuesday: The Joy in Teaching

By Deb Heim Martinez, M.Ed., Online Faculty

A teacher and student laughing together

Recognizing the joy in our lives can help us better manage the challenges and responsibilities that lay before us each day as teachers. As shared in Romans 15:13, "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

As the world continues to change around us, it’s important to remember to support our mental well-being as well as our students'. We can do this by focusing on finding the joy in teaching all around us.

Joy With Our Students

At the very root of what we do, most of us are drawn to the teaching field because of the satisfaction we've found in helping our students grow. It’s a great motivator for us in the classroom to see our curriculum and plans support growth in our students.

We can capture this joy by watching our students as they grow excited to continue learning. We can also acknowledge and celebrate small steps and big accomplishments while appreciating students’ joy and laughter when we see them playing, talking with each other and sharing their work.

Joy With Our Colleagues

Colleagues can help us in so many ways; together we can accomplish more and create a positive school community around collaboration. We can plan together to gain diverse perspectives and creative approaches to curriculum. We can celebrate accomplishments together and find joy in the workplace while mentoring new colleagues to the field. Colleagues can also help brainstorm ideas to meet student needs and better support families in our program.

Joy in Our Professional Growth

Taking time to reflect about our own practices not only helps us to understand how we are helping our students meet their goals but also the strides we are making to meet our own professional goals. We should take time to regularly recognize our own accomplishments, whether it be completing a new degree or helping our students pass their benchmarks. We can also enjoy the flexibility and choice we have in our field to always be evolving. 

Finally, there is much joy to be found in celebrating the end of each school year and the time we had with each of our precious students. Naturally, these strategies can help us to create a positive school community and find joy in the workplace; but this will surely carry over into our personal lives and leave us feeling competent, accomplished and satisfied. Finding the joy throughout the day will help keep us invigorated and excited to see what each workday will bring.

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