Dear Theophilus: On Love and Forgiveness

Jesus reaching out His hand

Does God continue to love and forgive us when we constantly let Him down and always say that we are going to do better?


Concerning these things my dear Theophilus,

To answer this important question, we need to step back and ask why God loves at all. In these modern times, the concept of love has taken on definitions and meanings that greatly disguise what true love is.

The world works from an outside view – what it can get, what it can take and what satisfies self. True love that comes from God gives from the heart; it is complete, satisfying, nurturing and nourishing, such as a child feels when in the safe care of their mother and father.

Yahweh’s love is deliberate and specific, where the fulfillment of other is the goal and comes with a binding commitment that moves into forever. God cannot change His mind about you. Better than that, God will not not out of duty or obligation, but from faithfulness to all that you are and will be.

God sees our worth and value, and desires we have all of Him. In turn, we are healed in our human spirit, each and every time we experience God’s restorative forgiveness in those needful, stubborn and often gloomy places within ourselves. His love for us will never give up or hold back anything that aids in our spiritual transformation. God’s forgiveness guides our emotions, empowers us mentally and enables a positive self-esteem. To know this forgiveness reflects God’s goodness so that, to know the heart of God, is to know the deepest love of all.

God continues to love and forgive us because this is the essence of the gospel message and how God’s love works. Jesus provides the highest standard as well as the model for how and when it is done. The cross of Christ enables us to do this continually because it helps us grow in grace. It is God’s way and it is God’s delight to provide it to you – and to experience this is our lifetime pursuit.

Why does God continue to love and forgive us when we constantly let Him down? Because God is investing in our growing up and looks forward to the day when we won’t.

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