Trending Faith: Christians and the Presidential Election

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The 2016 presidential election was heavily weighed down by a blanket of negativity. The political discourse has and continues to rouse feelings of vitriol, anger, angst, insecurity and unhappiness that lead to complicated conversations and questions like:

If I’m following Christ, is there a way to show love and offer hope in the midst of a very antagonist environment?

In this week’s episode of Trending Faith, Dean of Grand Canyon University’s College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, and University Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin, EdD, explore this antagonism and void of love and hope surrounding this past election.

Dr. Griffin first empathizes with Christians who are wrestling with the outcome of the presidential election – those who are thrilled, those who are angry and frustrated, those in the middle who acquiesce and those who want to keep fighting for their beliefs.

To overcome this wildfire of negativity, Dr. Griffin encourages young Christians in search of guidance to step back. Take a deep breath. Take inventory of where the heart, confidence and faith lie. And most importantly, trust in God.

Throughout history, Christians have lived in diverse political, cultural and economic settings, many challenged with a loss of love and hope similar to today. But Christians had to learn to trust God day after day, throughout time, without losing perspective.

Christians can say to themselves: “In this setting, I’m going to trust God. I’m not going to lean on my own understandings. I’m going to let Him level the road that we’re walking on.”

If we can do that, offers Dr. Griffin, then we can experience greater peace within ourselves and neighbors.

To hear the full discussion on trusting the Lord, watch the video below:

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