Trending Faith: Is Faith Subjective?

Posted on March 01, 2016  in  [ Theology & Ministry ]

Is faith subjective?

Grand Canyon University’s Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, began the conversation on this week’s Trending Faith. He explained that it is important to determine what one means by faith when answering this question. The term “faith” can be used to refer to one’s personal faith, meaning their experiences with God and response to Him. On the other hand, the term “faith” is also used to refer to the Christian faith in general, or the body of doctrines and beliefs Christians abide by.

According to Dr. Hiles, one’s personal faith and the Christian faith in general are interdependent. Many people question whether or not their personal faith is reliable if it is considered subjective. However, genuine faith is rooted in the way we respond to God, not solely based on the information we know about Him. It is important to remember that genuine faith comes from our response to God working in our lives.

In John 3, Jesus says we must be born again. In this process, our hearts are transformed as God draws us closer to Him. The excellence of our faith relates to the excellence of the object of our faith, which is God. Dr. Hiles went on to say that faith is so much more than possessing knowledge about God, but rather, it is a relational trust directed toward Him.

Dean of Students and GCU Pastor Tim Griffin mentioned how “having faith” is a commonly used term in today’s society. For example, it is often used in reference to sports. However, it is important to consider what the object of one’s faith is.

Ultimately, faith in God is rooted in a personal relationship with Him. As God does powerful things in our lives, we respond to Him in trust and grow in our faith in Him.

To hear the full discussion, watch the video below:

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