College of Fine Arts and Production Events and News

If you are hoping to have the time of your life, start with Grand Canyon University's (GCU) College of Fine Arts and Productions events. Whether viewing a live theatre production in Ethington Theatre or a digital film screening from our talented students, enjoy an experience you will not soon forget. Stay tuned in to news and current events from around campus.

Ethington Theatre

Ethington Theatre is at the heart of unforgettable experiences at GCU. Our highly acclaimed production outlet brings classics and modern performances to life in an intimate atmosphere, connecting performers with their audience. With only 311 seats, this intimate theatre connects the audience with the performers.


Student Matinee Series

In an effort to make the arts and arts education accessible to Arizona's youth, GCU's Ethington Theatre invites educators and students to enjoy the Student Matinee Series. The cost is free for high school students, staff and chaperones to attend. A tour of campus and lunch is provided.


Arts and Production Accolades

The College of Fine Arts and Production at GCU has a rich tradition in education and the arts. Alongside an accomplished faculty, our most talented students and graduates have been recognized for their achievements in theatre, production, musical performance and so much more. We are proud to showcase the accolades of our faculty, students and alumni, as this reflects heavily on the standing of the college.

Student and Alumni Highlights

Provided is a list of the most recent accomplishments as our students represent GCU in their respective disciplines.

Faculty Highlights

Over the years, our faculty members have received a number of awards and recognition for their accomplishments in the arts. Listed are faculty highlights.


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