Fine Arts Majors

Perform. Write. Create. Produce. Whatever your ambition, Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) College of Fine Arts and Production has you covered. Here, you will find a culture that celebrates creativity and a curriculum dedicated to nurturing your dreams. Our fine arts degrees combine studio practice, lecture courses and interactions with active industry professionals to foster critical awareness and artistic exploration. With our highly qualified faculty and applied learning concepts, GCU serves as the perfect stage to explore your purpose.

About GCU’s Fine Arts Programs

At GCU, students in our fine arts degree programs produce and perform in critically acclaimed productions that enhance musical and theatrical knowledge through practical application. Entertain captivated audiences with talents refined in our Bachelor of Arts in Dance or Bachelor of Arts in Music with Emphasis in Piano Performance. Rehearse acting or stage skills with the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Drama. Learn to motivate others to shine with a performance education major, such as the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Education or the Bachelor of Arts in Music Education-Choral: Vocal.

Interested in online degree programs? The College of Fine Arts and Production prepares you for a creative career in digital and visual arts with fine arts degrees offered on campus or online. Study to unleash the power of marketing with the Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design or Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Web Design. Or, heighten your directing and editing skills with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film with an Emphasis in Production. In GCU’s College of Fine Arts and Production, the possibilities are plentiful.


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Music Degrees

Looking to follow your passion of musical performance or musical education? Jumpstart your career path with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from GCU. Our music education programs are designed for students interested in leading the next generation of musical talent in K-12 education. Our music performance degrees are tailored for the development of musical skills, including composition and performance.


Digital Film & Design Degrees

Prepare to pursue a degree in the evolving fields of digital film or digital design at GCU. Our digital film degrees are built for students to develop a strong foundation in multiple areas of film, including storytelling and video production. If you have an interest in digital design, hone your creative skills with one of our advanced bachelor’s degrees in animation, web design or advertising.


Theatre & Dance Degrees

Learn from professional faculty in GCU’s theatre, drama and dance program. Study in cross-discipline teaching that uses a global approach to theatre and dance performance. This rigorous curriculum is designed to advance creative skills in multiple capacities, including production, rehearsal and live performance. You may also study to lead the next generation of young professionals with one of our theatre or dance education programs.



Students seeking entry into select Bachelor of Arts majors, including music, music education, dance, dance education, theatre education and theatre and drama, must audition for full acceptance into the College of Fine Arts and Production. If you wish to minor in dance, theatre or music, an audition is not required. To request an audition, you must be accepted as a GCU student. For more information, visit or call 855-GCU-LOPE.

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Dual Enrollment at GCU

GCU offers dual enrollment opportunities to qualified high school students interested in getting a jumpstart on collegiate learning.

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Non-Degree Courses

Not seeking a fine art degree? GCU allows non-degree seekers to take bachelor’s and master’s level courses online or on campus. Explore our individual course offerings.

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Minors for Fine Arts Majors

Enhance your knowledge and future prospects with courses in business, education and more. Fine arts majors can declare a minor to complement their degree. Discover your choices.

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