The diverse organizations sponsored by Grand Canyon University (GCU) help you take your college experience to a higher level. Not only can you sharpen job-related skills, but you can also participate in Christian worship, community activity and more. GCU also offers various events and activities focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) that promote hands-on learning and the exploration of in-demand careers in STEM. These organizations and events complement rigorous classroom learning and provide you with well-rounded knowledge of growing STEM-related fields.


GCU believes that education extends beyond the classroom. That is why we sponsor on-campus clubs that give you the opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary learning, network with like-minded peers and deepen Christian values. Check out opportunities to give to the community, gain field experience and have fun during your GCU academic journey.

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Community Involvement

Supporting good work within the community is an important part of GCU's values. We provide many opportunities to participate and help your development as a responsible servant leader. 

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STEM Internships

In the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, you can take part in internship programs to put classroom theories into practice and develop skills valued in the workplace:

  • Physical Therapy: Shadow a licensed PT in a clinical setting where you can observe treatment and ask questions.
  • Exercise Science: Observe and facilitate personal training and gym operations.
  • Dissection Internship: Gain an advantage in medical school by interning in cadaver dissection.

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