Graduate Certificate in Ministry Education

Graduate Certificate in Ministry Education

Offered By: College of Theology

Further Your Calling With a Ministry Education Certificate

Has God called upon you to serve in a church or ministerial context? Prepare to pursue your mission in life with the Graduate Certificate in Ministry Education at Grand Canyon University (GCU). Offered by the College of Theology, this Certificate in Ministry Education has the ability to empower you to guide meaningful discussions of biblical principles, biblical interpretation, Christian character and ethics and fundamental doctrines of the faith.

This certificate program surveys the foundational knowledge and skills required for faithful ministry, sound hermeneutics and theological reflection. Examine the principles of ethical conduct within the ministry while cultivating your own personal love of Christ.

Through an in-depth study of interpretive principles for rightly handling the Old and New Testaments, you will examine theological truths, moral and spiritual formation and the wise application of doctrine and ethics within the context of ministry. The development formulation historical context of core doctrines and beliefs are examined along with the application of theological principles. In addition to biblical and theological foundations, you will be taught to move from Christian values to practiced virtues that are vital to the discipleship process.

GCU is a university that provides the benefit of attending your program in the evening or online. With our flexible online learning path, you can complete your graduate certificate from anywhere in the world while continuing to meet your professional responsibilities and balancing family time with studying. GCU’s online platform can enable you to engage in lively discussions with fellow students and instructors. This certificate requires 18 credits for completion. In the course Christian Character Formation, students are required to complete 45 hours of supervised ministry work. Most online ministry certificate classes are eight weeks in length.

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Ministry Education Course Topics

GCU seeks to graduate ministerial students who are sharp analytical thinkers, active listeners and effective speakers. Use your in-depth knowledge of biblical hermeneutics in various ministerial contexts, including preaching, teaching, interpersonal communication and small group discussions.

You will be taught to implement the practical procedures for the exegesis of Scripture and work to understand the biblical foundations of Christian ethics, self-care, morality and character formation. Other core competencies for this ministry certificate of study include:

  • The biblical and theological foundations of Christian ethics and the analysis of the roles and responsibilities of gospel ministry
  • The principles of evangelical biblical interpretation, exegesis and application within the context of the ministry
  • The use of biblical language tools
  • Biblical truths, virtues and habits that contribute to the process of discipleship
  • The historical development and theological formulation of the Christian doctrines of revelation, God, creation, humanity and sin

Ministry Education Career Possibilities

Obtaining a graduate ministry education certificate is a way to nurture your own personal devotion to God. It can also provide the foundation to pursue a career helping others seek guidance and wisdom from the word of God. Some of the roles you might pursue may include the following:

  • Religious activities and education director
  • Postsecondary philosophy and religion teacher

Graduate Certificate in Ministry Education FAQs

If earning your certificate in ministry education sounds like the next best step for you, read through some frequently asked questions below to learn more about the process.

Many universities offer certificate options for ministry. Be sure to review your university’s requirements and speak with a university counselor to determine your eligibility for enrollment into a ministry certificate program.

Requirements to enter into ministry may vary depending on the specific church or denomination, as they all have their own criteria. However, you can potentially position yourself for entry by acquiring an advanced understanding of the Bible, ministerial practices and theological studies, as well as developing strong leadership and communication skills. You can do so through earning graduate certificates or degrees in related fields, such as ministry education, Christian ministry or divinity.

If you are called to pursue a career in the church, a certificate in ministry education may be well worth it for you. Through this graduate certificate program, you will have the opportunity to advance your studies and gain a deeper understanding of the church, as well as be taught how to best lead and educate others in the church. If you seek to deepen your connection with Christ and understand how to communicate biblical principles in various ministerial contexts, you may benefit from this graduate certificate.


Learn more about earning your ministry education certificate and get in touch with a university counselor by filling out the form on this page.

Total Credits: 16
Online: 8 weeks
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The University will accept one course of the total certificate requirements in transfer.
Online: $590 per credit
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Cost of Attendance

Course List

16 credits
Degree Requirements:
16 credits

Core Courses

Course Description

This course examines the biblical and theological foundations of Christian ethics along with an analysis of the roles and responsibilities of gospel ministry. Significant attention is given to self-care, personal morality, and character formation as well as ethical concerns unique to ministers as they lead, equip, shepherd, and intercede for God’s people.

Course Description

This course is a study of the basic principles of evangelical biblical interpretation, exegesis, and application, especially in the context of ministry, including an introduction to the use of biblical language tools.

Course Description

This course examines the biblical truths of the gospel and the corresponding virtues and habits that contribute to the process of discipleship. Students study God's work in the formation of Christ-like character as they learn to keep in step with the Spirit in all aspects of life. Special attention is given to the doctrine of sanctification and teaching related to ministerial ethics and character in the Pastoral Epistles. This course requires supervised ministry hours. Practicum/field experience hours: 45.

Course Description

This course is a systematic study of the biblical bases, historical development, and theological formulation of the Christian doctrines of revelation, God, creation, humanity, sin, and the Person of Christ, as well as their implications for individual and corporate Christian life. Attention is also given to theological prolegomena.

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