Graduate Performance Psychology Certificate

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Performance Psychology

Offered By: College of Doctoral Studies

Help Enhance Human Performance With GCU’s Performance Psychology Graduate Program

Designed for current professionals in psychology, counseling, coaching, business or other related fields, GCU’s graduate-level performance psychology certificate provides instruction and tools in advanced psychology theories and concepts.

As a student, you will take online courses that are developed to help increase your understanding of human actions in the past and present, with a focus on the enhancement of human performance in a variety of areas. Performance psychology allows you to dig deeper into the principles of behavior modification to determine how to improve work and leadership.

This nine-credit certificate program is offered fully online. Take the opportunity to fill gaps in your skill set or enhance your knowledge in advanced performance psychology principles on a schedule that works for you. GCU’s online courses are delivered through our digital learning platform where you have access to knowledgeable faculty in the psychology field.

If you are a recent graduate from a related master’s program, are seeking an opportunity for career advancement, or are interested in pursuing your doctoral degree, this performance psychology certificate may be worth your consideration.

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Transfer Your Credits to a PhD in Performance Psychology Program

Those who complete the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Performance Psychology and want to further explore complex theories of psychology can transfer the credits directly into GCU's Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology: Performance Psychology program.

Performance Psychology Course Topics

This graduate certificate program can help you develop key competencies through performance psychology courses. The competencies taught in this nine-credit certificate include:

  • The application of theories of emotion, cognition and motivation to performance and the variables that impact performance excellence.
  • Motor learning and control principles, constructs, laws and theories and how they can be applied to individual skill learning.
  • Implementing psychological theories and principles for performance enhancement.

Career Potential With a Performance Psychology Certificate

Earning a graduate certificate from an accredited university can provide you with the opportunity to enhance your skills and position yourself for possible career advancement in your field. Completing a PhD in Performance Psychology may be required for those who are seeking careers in the following areas:1

  • Applied sport psychology
  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic sales consulting
  • Academic sport psychology

A few positions that are related to this performance psychology graduate certificate program include:

  • Clinical psychologists
  • Sport and performance psychologists
  • Clinical counselors
  • University-level faculty

Performance Psychology Certificate FAQs

If you would like to enhance your knowledge in performance psychology, we answer some of your most common questions below.

Most positions in sports psychology require a master’s or doctoral degree in clinical, counseling or sport/performance psychology. Supervised training and experience is also required in order to work directly with clients.1 The graduate performance psychology certificate at GCU offers you the opportunity to fill knowledge and skills gaps from your master’s training before seeking advancement in your career or education.

A career in sports psychology can offer a collaborative team environment, diverse career paths and opportunities to specialize. This career path also requires extensive education, training and experience. Be prepared to earn your master’s or doctorate and obtain licensure for most positions in the sports psychology field.2

If you have a master’s degree in psychology or a relevant field and are interested in specializing in performance psychology, then earning a certificate in performance psychology through GCU may be worth your consideration. The performance psychology online courses are designed to help you build upon your current skills and prepare you for continued education.

To get started on your graduate certificate in performance psychology, complete the form on this page to connect with a GCU university counselor.

1 American Psychological Association. (2014). A Career in Sport and Performance Psychology. Retrieved June 22, 2023.

2 Cherry, K. (2020, March 13). Sports Psychology Career Overview. Verywell Mind. Retrieved June 22, 2023.

Course List

9 credits
Degree Requirements:
9 credits

Core Courses

Course Description

This course is designed to apply theories of emotion, cognition, and motivation to performance and explore the variables related to performance excellence. Application of performance psychology principles to applied settings is also addressed.

Course Description

This course introduces motor learning and control principles, constructs, laws, and theories, and their application to individual skill learning.

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to apply psychological theories and principles. The learner completes an applied project utilizing a case study.


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