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Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Offered By: College of Theology

Pursue a Master’s in Christian Leadership

Prepare to inspire congregations and communities as an ethical and godly leader. Join the Grand Canyon Theological Seminary and earn your Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree. With a Master’s in Christian Leadership, you will nurture your personal, spiritual and professional growth, and expand your career opportunities as you pursue your life’s work in God’s name. This program of study is ideal for those who would like to step into leadership positions in the church, the para-church, ministry or similar settings.

Acquire a solid framework of biblical principles and theological knowledge as you explore best practices in leadership and management. This thoughtful blend of theological studies and administrative skill development positions future Christian leaders to positively transform their church and local communities. Graduates are well-equipped to pursue their life’s mission of furthering God’s kingdom and sharing the love of Christ with those they lead. This Christian leadership degree includes ministry field experiences to reinforce concepts and theories in real-world contexts.

Topics Covered in a Christian Leadership MA Degree

Grand Canyon University’s Christian Leadership Master of Arts degree guides students in exploring management philosophies and biblical hermeneutics. Gain an in-depth understanding of the various styles of leadership, and learn how to further the objectives of churches, nonprofit organizations, businesses and communities. Learn to guide others in their own explorations of hermeneutical studies, and inspire them to achieve their spiritual goals. Some of the core courses for this program of study include the following:

  • Ministerial Ethics
  • Practical Theology
  • Biblical Foundations of Christian Leadership
  • Best Practices in Christian Leadership
  • Leading Through Crisis, Conflict and Change

Students work through a robust curriculum of Christian doctrine, systematic theology and organizational leadership. Analyze the meaning of key themes such as redemption and study how redemption is presented in the Pentateuch and other Old Testament texts. Explore the concept of the Kingdom of God through Old and New Testament writings. Reflect upon Jesus’ leadership style, and consider how its principles can be applied within the modern world. Other core competencies include the following:

  • Christian self-care, personal morality, character formation and ethical concerns of ministers as they shepherd God’s people
  • Theological and historical development of cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith
  • Christian leadership through the dynamics of crisis, conflict and change

What Can You Do with a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership?

Graduates of the Grand Canyon Theological Seminary are prepared for a lifetime of serving Christ through faithful ministry. Become a Christian leader by pursuing a ministerial position, or serve as an administrator, executive, manager or program director in a faith-based organization. As a Christian leader, you can position yourself to make a positive, impactful difference in the lives of others and in the community as a whole. You may pursue leadership positions in youth groups or corporate teams, or you may seek to join the staff of a church or para-church. Other careers that may be related to this degree include the following:

  • Christian school principal
  • Director of humanitarian emergency relief
  • Chaplain
  • Camp director of outdoor ministries
  • Missions director
  • Christian counselor

Some career paths may require additional credentials, training or academic qualifications.

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Total Program Credits: 38
Online: 8 weeks [More Info]
Up to 12 credits or 1/3 of the total program requirements in transfer (whichever is less)

Online: $530 per credit [More Info]

Course List

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38 credits
Total Degree Requirements:
38 credits

Program Core Courses

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare students for the graduate learning experience at Grand Canyon University. Students have opportunities to develop and strengthen the skills necessary to succeed as graduate students in ministry and theology. Emphasis is placed on utilizing the tools for graduate success.

Course Description

This course examines the biblical and theological foundations of Christian ethics along with an analysis of the roles and responsibilities of gospel ministry. Significant attention is given to self-care, personal morality, and character formation as well as ethical concerns unique to ministers as they lead, equip, shepherd, and intercede for God’s people.

Course Description

This course is a study of the basic principles of evangelical biblical interpretation, exegesis, and application, especially in the context of ministry, including an introduction to the use of biblical language tools.

Course Description

This course analyzes the practical dimensions of systematic theology and assists students in making critical connections between biblical teaching and ministry within specific contexts. Emphasis is placed on faithful biblically rooted ministry, including a focus on prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and church leadership. This course requires supervised ministry hours. Practicum/field experience hours: 45.

Course Description

This course surveys the text and historical background of the Old Testament with an introduction to hermeneutics and the proper interpretation of the books of the Old Testament.

Course Description

This course surveys the text and historical background of the New Testament with an introduction to hermeneutics and the proper interpretation of the books of the New Testament.

Course Description

This course surveys cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith, including revelation, God, humanity, Christ, and salvation. Emphasis is placed on the development of sound theology grounded in biblical understandings and practical wisdom for ministry. Some attention is given to the historical development of doctrine.

Course Description

This course provides students with a biblical foundation from the Old and New Testaments on Christian Leadership. In studying the Scriptures in their historical, cultural, and linguistic contexts, students gain an appreciation of principles of leadership and develop a theology of leadership centered on the narrative and teaching of Scripture. Issues of call, formation, character, purpose, service, and discipleship are addressed. This course requires supervised ministry hours. Practicum/field experience hours: 45.

Course Description

This course provides students with the opportunity to engage significant insights of contemporary leadership practice in order to integrate these insights into an effective and informed and integrated philosophy of Christian leadership. In this course, the student investigates some of the most helpful principles and people regarding the practice and the concept of leadership and organizational leadership. This course requires supervised ministry hours. Practicum/field experience hours: 45. Prerequisite: CHL-510.

Course Description

This course is an investigation into the dynamics of crisis, conflict, and change, and how to address these realities in Christian leadership. This course requires supervised ministry hours. Practicum/field experience hours: 45. Prerequisite: CHL-520 or CHL-630.

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Grand Canyon University’s evening programs cater to the demands of working professionals who prefer an in-person learning environment. Our night classes meet just once per week and offer the interaction and discussion of a typical college classroom.

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Online and Evening program disclosures (1.667 years)

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