Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Wellness: Family Dynamics Emphasis

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Mental Health and Wellness with an Emphasis in Family Dynamics Studies

Offered By: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Benefits of Choosing to Study Family Dynamics

Grand Canyon University's graduate certificate in mental health, family dynamics emphasis is designed for professionals interested in working with families in various community settings to promote mental health and wellness.

You will explore areas of family development, parenting and social motivations. You will be introduced to research and taught best practices for integrating mental health and wellness principles within family systems. While this certificate does not lead to counseling certification or licensure, it offers you an opportunity to advance your education and specialty in family mental health and wellness.

Benefits of Earning Your Online Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Wellness: Family Dynamics Emphasis From GCU

The graduate certificate in mental health and wellness with a focus on family interactions is offered fully online so you can build upon your skills and earn credits on your own schedule. Take family dynamics classes through our digital learning platform and interact with knowledgeable faculty throughout the program.

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Course Topics in Family Mental Health and Wellness

This certificate program offers family dynamics classes that teach you competencies in the following areas:

  • The influence of relationships, interactions and communication among family members, and how problems are created, continued and resolved within family units.
  • Family development and the transitions between family lifecycle stages.
  • Research and evidence-based parenting practices with regard to character development and the promotion of positive behaviors.
  • The role of societal influences and cultural norms in family systems and how families interact with other community systems.

In this program, you will also examine key principles of family dynamics within the mental health and wellness fields, including:

  • Analyzation of the forms and functions of families at different developmental stages
  • Evaluation and exploration of various parenting strategies
  • Analyzation of the relationship between the family unit and other societal institutions
  • Analyzation of how interpersonal relationships are formed and maintained within families

GCU’s Master of Science in Mental Health and Wellness with an Emphasis in Family Dynamics is designed to deepen knowledge and skills through continued coursework and practical examination of the field.

Total Credits: 16
Online: 8 weeks
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The University will accept one course of the total certificate requirements in transfer.
Online: $590 per credit
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Career Opportunities After Studying Family Dynamics

By completing this online graduate certificate in mental health and wellness with a focus on family structures, you may have the opportunity to use your skills in social service fields. Settings that may provide comprehensive children and family services include:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Community-based organizations

Complete Your Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Wellness From an Accredited University

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Certificate in Mental Health and Wellness: Family Dynamics Emphasis FAQs

To learn more about the graduate certificate program and the importance of studying family structures and interactions, read through our answers to these commonly asked questions.

Understanding family structures and the roles of each individual can help you further examine how issues are formed and perpetuated within family units. Once you have this understanding, you can use your skills to equip families with the necessary tools and resources to help them navigate their relationships and overcome challenges.

The online graduate certificate in mental health is designed for working professionals who hold a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree. You are not required to have a specific degree in mental health and wellness or family dynamics to be admitted in the program. Certificate programs provide the opportunity for you to gain advanced skills and credits in master’s-level coursework without having to enroll in and complete a graduate program of study.

Take the next step in advancing your knowledge through family dynamics classes. To inquire about this online certificate program at GCU, complete the form on this page to connect with a university counselor.

Course List

16 credits
Degree Requirements:
16 credits

Core Courses

Course Description

This course introduces students to the dynamics of the family unit. The family is examined as an interactive system of individuals whose roles and boundaries constantly shift to accommodate the needs of the collective family unit. The influence of relationships, interactional patterns, and communication among family members is covered through a systemic lens. Considering the function of behaviors will determine how problems are formed, perpetuated, and resolved within families.

Course Description

This course examines the family life cycle, the development of individuals within the family, and the family system as a whole. It includes a survey of how cognitive, moral, and psychosocial developmental theories relate to family development and the transitions between family life cycle stages.

Course Description

In this course, students examine the many facets of parenting. The historical and theoretical influences of parenting in the United States are covered. How parenting changes throughout the life span as well as how parenting is different in various family contexts is investigated. Research and evidence-based parenting practices regarding character development and promoting positive behavior are covered as well as how various factors affect parenting such as drugs and alcohol, poverty, and medical and psychological diagnoses.

Course Description

This course takes a holistic look at the structure and function of the family in contemporary society as well as the many societal influences that affect the family. It examines how modern phenomena such as nontraditional family structures, and the proliferation of technology have impacted today’s families and the way they interact with other community systems. Modern governmental guidelines and ethical challenges, including systems such as foster care, are also addressed. Additionally, the role of cultural norms in family systems and the importance of cultural awareness in working with families in the mental health care system is addressed.

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