Military Scholarships

As a military-friendly institution, Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers several scholarships for service members, veterans and their dependents. Military scholarships are available for online and evening programs, in addition to a host of other GCU scholarship opportunities.

Online and Evening Military Scholarships

In an effort to support those who are currently serving and their spouses, this scholarship will reduce tuition for undergraduate students to $250.00 per credit hour and waive all Canyon Connect and LMS fees for those who choose to attend our online or evening cohort programs.1 This applies for both bachelor’s degrees and undergraduate certificates.

Active duty students and their spouses are eligible to have their graduate tuition rate reduced to $400 per credit hour.1 Canyon Connect and LMS fees will additionally be waived for those who choose to attend online or evening campus programs.

GCU is proud to offer you the Doctoral Online Military Tuition Scholarship which will allow qualifying students to complete their doctoral program at the scholarship tuition rate of $617.50 per credit hour.1 Those in active duty, their spouses and child dependents, as well as those in military reserve, retired military or Department of Defense (DOD) employees may be eligible.

Military veterans, their spouses and child dependents can receive 10% off the tuition rate per course for a program.2 This scholarship applies to those enrolled in a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or certificate program through our online or evening campus offerings.

Employees of the Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Public Health Services (DPHS) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA) who are pursuing an online or evening undergraduate, graduate, or certificate program are eligible to receive 10% off of their tuition rate per course.1

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On-Campus Military Scholarships

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Army ROTC Scholarship

If you are an eligible on-campus GCU student, you also have the opportunity to apply for an accessible and generous Army ROTC scholarship. These scholarships consist of:

  • Two-, three- and four-year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete your degree
  • Full-tuition scholarships
  • The option for room and board in place of tuition, if you should qualify
  • Additional allowances for books and fees
  • Monthly living allowances, $420 per month, per year for 10 months while attending school

This scholarship is for current high school juniors and seniors planning on attending a four-year university. You could receive a full four-year scholarship or a three-year Advanced Designee scholarship to the college of your choice. If you don't receive the national scholarship, you can still sign up for MSL-101N your freshman year and compete for a campus-based scholarship.

Are you already enlisted in the National Guard or the Army Reserve? Through the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), you can do Army ROTC at the same time and commission as a second lieutenant.

Beginning in Fall 2023, all new students who participate in ROTC will receive the Non-Contracted Cadet Housing scholarship of $750. Eligible students must opt in for on-campus housing, be a noncontracted (no obligation to military) student and not be a recipient of a GCU Select Scholarship.

Scholarships are also available if you are interested in the Army Reserves or National Guard. Get more information about ROTC benefits and commitment to see if this opportunity is right for you.3

Military-Friendly Institution

Grand Canyon University is committed to supporting military members and their families through their educational journey. Learn more about how GCU serves the military community and find answers to common military questions including tuition assistance and military benefits. To learn more about your eligibility for military scholarships, request more information.

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1 This scholarship will be applied at the same time the tuition charges occur. You must meet the minimum requirements of maintaining satisfactory academic progress throughout your program as defined in the University Policy Handbook and maintain eligibility for your military educational benefit. This scholarship excludes the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, accelerated BSN (ABSN) and MDIV programs.

2 This scholarship is only valid for applicants who are a veteran, veteran spouse of the United States Armed Forces or a child dependent who utilizes a VA educational benefit and submits a complete application. This scholarship excludes the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, accelerated BSN (ABSN) and MDIV programs.

3 Learn more about available scholarships at