Grand Canyon University Serves Up, Tees Up New Golf and Tennis Management Bachelor's Degree Programs

May 4, 2015

Grand Canyon University is launching new golf and tennis management undergraduate degree programs this fall to help students extend their passion for the sports into rewarding careers.

Designed to fill a niche in the hospitality and recreation industry, Grand Canyon University's golf and tennis management bachelor's degree programs are part of GCU's hospitality management program available through the university's Colangelo College of Business.

"There is a significant demand in the tennis industry for business-savvy professionals with a love of the game, but a shortage of formal training options available," said Dr. Randy Gibb, dean of the Colangelo College of Business. "Likewise, many golf enthusiasts pursue jobs as teaching professionals, but lack the management skills needed to take their careers even further. Our programs are rooted in rigorous business and management coursework that allow students to marry their love of sports with a viable career."

Both programs will equip students with the business skills necessary to manage tennis and golf operations. Specifically, the tennis management program, the first of its kind among NCAA Division I schools, will be accredited by the United States Professional Tennis Association and will equip students with the skills needed to manage tennis operations, including facility management, merchandising, event planning and introduction to food and beverage management.

"Business is a popular degree among tennis players, and there are a lot of them going into the tennis business," GCU tennis coach Greg Prudhomme said. "There's a demand in the tennis industry for more qualified professionals, and the reason is that there's not a lot of formal training available. As a result, most of the people getting hired are former players."

The golf course program, which includes classes in golf course management and operations, sports retail management and sales, marketing and revenue generation in the golf industry, and sports event planning, will teach students how to manage public, private and resort-style courses. As part of their hands-on education, students will play a major role in the operations and management of Maryvale Golf Course, which is currently being renovated by GCU under an agreement with City of Phoenix. Under GCU and student management, the course is expected to reopen to the public this fall and also will serve as the home course of GCU's men's and women's golf teams. 

Both programs require students to complete a 120-credit curriculum and a minimum of 100 hours of industry experience, with opportunities for internships at tennis and golf courses across the country. In addition to core business courses like accounting, finance and marketing, students will take classes in player development to learn the skills needed to become effective instructors.

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