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Welcome to Student Affairs. Our goal is to provide you with resources across campus that help enrich both the student experience and campus life here at Grand Canyon University (GCU). Our department is home to several offices on campus, including Residence Life, Spiritual Life, Student Engagement and Campus Recreation. Each of these offices plays a key role in providing you with what you need while enjoying the comforts of our campus community.

We also host Welcome Week, one of our biggest events of the year! During Welcome Week, we kick off the start of the school year with events on campus that help welcome all of students, new and returning, to campus.

We hope we can provide you with everything you need to immerse yourself in Lope Life and enjoy a full campus experience!

Homecoming Week on the Arena field

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Welcome Programs

The Office of Welcome Programs is here to make sure you have everything you to need to transition to life in Lope Country. We host New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, Spring Welcome and Family Weekend where you can get connected to our campus life and community. Our student leaders are "Welcome Pros," and they work beyond these events to help you get connected and make friends at GCU.

Visit our site, follow us on social media or come by our office in Juniper Hall so we can get to know you! Welcome to Lope Country!

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life not only handles the logistics of campus housing across the university, but is also responsible for residence hall programming and staffing. Explore our suite-style residence halls to learn more about living on GCU's campus.

Spiritual Life

At GCU, we believe having the opportunity to explore what it looks like to follow God is critical, and college is a key time when students engage in this process. The Department of Spiritual Life is here to support you by providing spiritual formation opportunities during your time on campus. During the 2022-23 school year, GCU’s Department of Spiritual Life offered over 440 student leader positions that worked to ensure the spiritual growth and well-being of the Lope student body.

Student Engagement

What makes Lope Life so great? The Office of Student Engagement is here to help you find out! From planning exciting events to helping you get involved in clubs and campus recreation, our office is committed to enhancing the campus experience.

Housing Operations

Housing Operations handles the logistics of campus housing across the university. Explore our suite-style residence halls and apartments to learn more about living on GCU's campus.

Health and Wellness

The Canyon Health and Wellness Clinic consists of experienced healthcare professionals who are here to provide students, faculty and staff with quality medical services. Review the list of services to see how the Canyon Health and Wellness Clinic can be of service to you during your time at GCU.

Student Care

The Office of Student Care at GCU offers services to ensure that as an on-campus student, you have access to all the mental health resources and support you need to help you thrive in your collegiate environment. These services include short-term psychoeducational programs and counseling services.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation offers programs for GCU students to cater to the many interests of GCU students. These recreation programs include intramural sports, outdoor recreation, the GCU garden, GCU Fitness and other activities to maximize your experience on campus.

Club Sports

GCU offers intercollegiate club sports teams for students who are looking for collegiate team play. With the wide variety of sport options that GCU Club Sports offers, from baseball to powerlifting, you’ll be sure to find a sport that you already love or discover a new hobby.

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