Student Support

Enriching Your College Experience

Grand Canyon University offers a number of programs and student support services that can play a key role in a student’s educational journey. These programs enrich our campus life and can give you the resources you need during your time at GCU. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to help you get the most out of your college experience.

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To learn more about resources offered in any of our departments, contact us at 855-GCU-LOPE.

I feel that GCU works to provide the most opportunities possible for their students because that's their mindset: “We want to make you better. We want to make you the next great engineer, doctor, nurse or whatever it is you want to be. And we also want to help you succeed as a person."

Philip Varkey, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Cybersecurity, Class of 2022

Student Success Center

The GCU Student Success Center (SSC) is your hub of resources intended to support your learning throughout your academic journey. Along with the resources listed below, explore some of our valuable online resources like tutorials, writing templates and other helpful information by visiting the SSC website.

The Academic Centers for Excellence (ACE) provide campus students one-on-one and small group peer tutoring to support learning and the development of academic skills.

The campus Anatomy Mentoring Center provides peer tutoring for anatomy-related courses, including access to anatomical models and mock practical exams.

The English Language Learner's (ELL) Center on campus specializes in helping students whose first language is not English. Instructional assistants help with grammar, content organization, idea brainstorming, word choice, research and more.

The GCU Library offers an extensive collection of digital resources, along with study spaces on campus. Connect in person or virtually with a librarian through the Ask-A-Librarian service for on-demand personalized research assistance.

The Math Center provides campus academic support and online resources to support the development of math skills and the understanding of mathematical concepts.

The Science Center provides campus academic support and online resources for the science disciplines, including biology, chemistry, exercise science, general science and physics.

GCU's Technical Support team offers campus in-person support as well as virtual support for troubleshooting and technical assistance with GCU systems and resources.

Theology Commons is a shared on-campus space for reasoned dialogue about God, humanity and our purpose in the world we share – a place for thoughtful conversation, questions, answers, encouragement and prayer with faculty.

The Writing Center provides campus academic support and online resources to help students familiarize themselves with specific writing guidelines and to improve overall writing skills.

Lifelong Learning Assessment

The Lifelong Learning Assessment may allow you to earn up to eight general education or elective credits. Explore the criteria to see if you may qualify.

The Office of Assessment

The Office of Assessment helps institute effective learning across the university. Find out more about assessment at GCU.

Faculty Office Hours

Whether you take classes on campus or online, GCU faculty are available to help. Subject matter experts provide academic support in and beyond the classroom through one-on-one academic assistance. GCU encourages students to schedule appointments with faculty to discuss course content, receive academic support, and career advice during office hour times. If you need any extra help, contact your professor today.