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The Colangelo College of Business educates and develops values-driven business leaders with quality Business and Management degrees. With a depth of minor degree programs, you can build skillsets relevant for tomorrow’s workforce while learning the principles of servant leadership and entrepreneurism. Whether you are looking to improve your management skills, strengthen your communication or establish a business of your own, a minor from the Colangelo College of Business will complement your future goals. Discover which minor degrees are available now.


Minor in Accounting - 20 Credits

A minor in accounting includes a focus on accounting principles and theories necessary for preparing financial statements in the United States. Explore auditing standards, the procedures involved in the auditing process and ethical issues faced by auditors. Study the theories and practices of preparing income taxes of corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts and individuals. In addition, learn the principles of cost accounting, including job order systems, process costing, activity-based costing and budgeting.

  • Financial Accounting (ACC-250)
  • Managerial Accounting (ACC-260)
  • Intermediate Accounting I (ACC-370)
  • Intermediate Accounting II (ACC-371)
  • Cost Accounting (ACC-360)

Minor in Business Analytics - 20 Credits

The minor in business analytics provides students with hands-on foundational skills in analytics and a detailed overview of database structures, data visualization, predictive and perspective analytics, and data mining topics. This minor program focuses on technology, statistics and how to use and interpret data to analyze business.

  • Introduction to Computer Technology (BIT-200)
  • Business Statistics (BUS-352)
  • Introduction to Database Structure (SYM-400)
  • IT Project Management (BIT-415)
  • Introduction to Business Analytics (BIT-430)

Minor in Business Management - 20 Credits

For individuals interested in the organizational, people-oriented skills of management, GCU offers a minor in business management. You are provided with the skills required to be a global citizen, critical thinker and responsible leader in today's global economy. Focus on key functional areas such as organizational behavior and management, servant leadership, human resources management, accounting, finance and marketing. Receive information on the approaches to organizational development with an emphasis on the practical aspects of changing organizations to improve effectiveness.

  • Servant Leadership (MGT-410)
  • Managing Business Communication and Change (MGT-325)
  • Organizational Behavior and Management (MGT-420)
  • Global Business (BUS-390)
  • Human Resources (MGT-434)

Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies - 16 Credits

For creative and innovative individuals who are looking to function as entrepreneurs in their own business or in creative roles within organizations, GCU offers a minor in entrepreneurial studies. Entrepreneurship is not just about starting a new business, but also about recognizing opportunity and leading an organization to pursue it. The minor in entrepreneurial studies degree is built on the principles of personal integrity, values and innovation, and addresses key business areas including servant leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Public Relations and Networking Skills (ENT-320)
  • New Venture Financing (ENT-420)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENT-436)
  • Business Execution (ENT-446)

Minor in Faith and Free Markets – 18 Credits

The minor in faith and free markets is founded on the Christian worldview and free market capitalism. This minor is ideal for students who want to combine their love of business with their Christian faith. Learn about conscious capitalism, democracy, theology, entrepreneurship and how these work together to promote ethical free market capitalism and human flourishing.

  • Christian Worldview (CWV-101)
  • American Government and Politics (GOV-140)
  • Christian Life: The Way of Jesus (CWV-316)
  • Poverty of Nations (ECN-449)
  • Conscious Capitalism: Free Market Perspectives (BUS-476)

Minor in Finance and Economics – 28 Credits

For those interested in a career in corporate finance, banking, insurance or investment companies, GCU offers a minor in finance and economics. Coursework encompasses areas such as finance, economics, statistics, financial and managerial accounting, marketing, investments and portfolio management. Study international trade and finance while exploring the interrelationships between the international monetary environment and financial planning for corporations with overseas operations. Focus on developing business and leadership skills that address the areas of servant leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Business Statistics (BUS-352)
  • Essentials of Economics (ECN-351)
  • Financial Accounting (ACC-240)
  • Fundamentals of Business Finance (FIN-350)
  • Intermediate Finance (FIN-450)
  • Introduction to Investments (FIN-375)
  • International Trade and Finance (ECN-450)

Minor in Food and Nutrition Management – 24 Credits

A minor in food and nutrition management combines food science and hospitality management knowledge, enabling students to better understand and be successful in the food and nutrition management industry. Students gain critical knowledge of how food safety and science are effectively integrated into the hospitality industry.

  • Nutrition and Wellness (NSC-150)
  • Introduction to Hospitality (HOS-200)
  • Applied Nutrition (BIO-319)
  • Food Sciences/Lab (NSC-350/L)
  • Events and Tourism Management (HOS-455)
  • Food and Beverage Service Management and Operations (HOS-460)

Minor in General Business – 20 Credits

A minor in general business provides you with a foundation in business knowledge and skills focusing on the areas of economics, management, organizational behavior, technology, statistics and accounting. This minor complements any non-Colangelo College of Business major with an emphasis on supporting career-readiness, surveying technological trends, as well as engage in microeconomic, macroeconomic and international economics topics. This minor also introduces fundamental principles and practices of financial accounting, and how understanding organizational behavior leads to effective management practice.

  • Introduction to Technology (BIT-200)
  • Fundamentals of Accounting (ACC-240)
  • Business Statistics (BUS-352)
  • Essentials of Economics (ECN-351)
  • Organizational Behavior and Management (MGT-420)

Minor in Hospitality Management – 16 Credits

The minor in hospitality prepares students for industry positions that focus on a culture of care. Students will learn what it means to work in a diverse and inclusive environment that emphasizes serving others to become more effective and empathetic leaders. The courses you’ll take with this minor demonstrate how the various sectors of the hospitality industry such as hotel and lodging, food and beverage service, events and tourism are interconnected and interdependent.

  • Introduction to Hospitality (HOS-200)
  • Hotel and Lodging Management and Operations (HOS-440)
  • Food and Beverage Service Management and Operations (HOS-460)
  • Events and Tourism (HOS-455)

Minor in Marketing – 20 Credits

A minor in marketing addresses topics such as marketing principles, strategic management and the key elements of advertising and public relations. Study buyer and consumer behavior using a scientific approach that examines distinct buyer strategies and decision-making processes of purchase by organizational buyers and consumers. Learn about business research processes and the research documents used as tools to aid in managerial decision-making. Topics include designing research projects, collecting primary and secondary data, conducting ethical research, applying statistical tools and measurement techniques, developing a marketing plan and reporting the research in both written and oral presentation formats.

  • Introduction to Marketing (MKT-315)
  • Buyer and Consumer Behavior (MKT-345)
  • Promotion and Advertising (MKT 415)
  • Marketing Management (MKT-450)
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising (MKT-462)

Minor in Military Service (ROTC)

The U.S. Armed Forces are more sophisticated than ever, demanding well-educated personnel. To meet this demand, GCU offers a robust and relevant education designed specifically for Army and Air Force military service students. Pursue an Army or Air Force minor to sharpen your abilities in team leadership, military history, defense policy and other key areas.

Army ROTC Minor Courses – 27 Credits

  • Introduction to the Army (MSL-101N)
  • Foundations of Agile and Adaptive Leadership (MSL-102N)
  • Leadership and Decision Making (MSL-201N)
  • Army Doctrine and Team Development (MSL-202N)
  • Training Management and the Warfighting Functions (MSL-301N)
  • Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations (MSL-302N)
  • The Army Officer (MSL-401N)
  • Company Grade Leadership (MSL-402N)
  • American Military History (HIS-231)

Air Force ROTC Minor Courses – 36 Credits

  • Air Force Today I (AES-101)
  • Leadership Laboratory (AES-102)
  • Air Force Today II (AES-103)
  • Leadership Laboratory (AES-104)
  • The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power I (AES-201)
  • Leadership Laboratory (AES-202A)
  • The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power II (AES-203)
  • Leadership Laboratory (AES-204)
  • Air Force Leadership Studies I (AES-301)
  • Leadership Laboratory (AES-302)
  • Air Force Leadership Studies II (AES-303)
  • Leadership Laboratory (AES-304)
  • National Security Affairs (AES-401)
  • Leadership Laboratory (AES-402)
  • Regional Security Issues (AES-403A)
  • Leadership Laboratory (AES-404)
  • Air Force Physical Fitness (AES-294A)
  • Air Force Physical Fitness (AES-294B)
  • Air Force Physical Fitness (AES-294C)
  • Air Force Physical Fitness (AES-294D)
  • Air Force Physical Fitness (AES-294E)
  • Air Force Physical Fitness (AES-294F)
  • Air Force Physical Fitness (AES-294G)
  • Air Force Physical Fitness (AES-294H)

Minor in Sports and Entertainment Management – 20 Credits

A minor in sports and entertainment management prepares you to specialize in professional sports marketing, sports media, amateur and professional athletics and sports and entertainment event planning. Coursework for this degree focuses on developing key business skills with specific application to the sports industry. Gain an introduction to event planning for athletic, recreational, entertainment and special events with an emphasis on customer engagement, sales and venue management. Examine marketing concepts as they apply to sports organizations, covering topics such as promotions, public relations, sponsorship and sales.

  • Introduction to Marketing (MKT-315)
  • Introduction to Sports and Entertainment Management (SPT-230)
  • Sports and Entertainment Analytics (SPT-350)
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing (SPT-370)
  • Sports and Entertainment Event Planning (SPT-375)

Minor in Supply Chain and Logistics Management – 20 Credits

The minor in supply chain and logistics management focuses on procurement, logistics and systems aspects of global supply chains. This minor will prepare you to be a competitive candidate for positions that focus on optimizing organizational effectiveness and managing and analyzing global supply chains.

  • Business Statistics (BUS-352)
  • Global Supply Chain Operations (SCM-400)
  • Lean and Quality Management (SCM-410)
  • Procurement and Global Supply Chain Management (SCM-450)
  • Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems (SCM-454)


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