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Judah Esparza
Student Writer, Grand Canyon University
Judah Esparza is a senior at Grand Canyon University. He was born and raised in LA County and moved to Phoenix for college. He currently studies in the Colangelo College of Business and aspires to one day own his own successful company. When he is not at work, Judah enjoys spending his free time by goofing off with friends, playing basketball or working out in the gym. He is also a huge fan of music and spends some of his free time producing his own music with the hopes that one day he can have people enjoy his music as much as he enjoys his favorite artist’s music.

Spotlight Questions:
I actually knew nothing about GCU until they sent a rep to my small high school in California to promote their college. I was not interested in GCU when I first learned of them and was planning on applying to ASU. However, I was contacted by a GCU rep and they explained to me the awesome culture that GCU has on campus as well as the scholarships I could receive by going to this college. After some thinking, I decided that I would give GCU a chance and applied online. Within a short period of time, I was contacted by the rep out in California to let me know that I had been accepted. That started my journey that led me to where I am now. I do not regret my decision one bit because I have had the best time of my life here at GCU!

I love the atmosphere of our campus! When I first arrived at GCU, I could not believe all the different students that were helping out during Welcome Week and infecting everyone with their joy and smiling faces. The general atmosphere on campus is very happy. It makes me glad that I chose this college because everywhere I go, everyone is helpful and makes me feel very wanted. Even my experiences with professors has been amazing, and I have learned a great deal from them and had some awesome experiences in their classes! Now that I am a senior, I have seen the community that GCU boasts grow more and more each semester – and even to this day, it makes me smile on a daily basis.

Meet new people and don’t be afraid to stay out late! I have met so many truly amazing people at GCU and with these people I have made some memories that will last my entire lifetime. Just remember that these years of our lives will be the most memorable because this is where we find our true selves! So, go out and have fun! Take time off to not have to worry about classes and grades and go out and adventure with your friends! Don’t feel guilty about those late night adventures or talks with people close to you. From my personal experience, I have figured out that my friends are great stress relievers and without them I would have been probably wanting to just nap and be lazy during finals week. The people I have met taught me so much and I have learned a great deal about the different walks of life that people come from. It makes me much happier knowing that there are people out there that I can go out with and make some amazing memories with!


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