Physics Faculty Spotlight: Andrea Strock

Andrea Strock

Andrea Strock is a professor in Grand Canyon University’s College of Science, Engineering and Technology. When she was a child, Andrea played ‘pretend teacher’ or ‘pretend school’ and knew from a young age that she wanted to become a teacher. She went to college to earn her degree in education, and now spends her days teaching General Physics I and II along with their corresponding labs to students at GCU.

Passion for Teaching

Andrea is extremely passionate about teaching and loves to get to know the students that are taking her classes. She says the best feeling in teaching is when she watches students grow in their learning and understanding or when a struggling student suddenly has that light go off and starts making connections.

One of the things she enjoys most about teaching is learning about her students’ lives when they come visit her during her office hours. Her goal is to have her students develop the critical thinking and self-assessment skills needed to flourish in their field. She is also a strong advocate for building interpersonal and communications skills in order for students to be prepared and ready for a job once they graduate.

STEM Community

One thing that Andrea has learned through teaching is that students are more comfortable speaking in an environment where an atmosphere of respect exists. Knowing that what they are saying is being heard and valued is something that allows students to interact and speak up more in class, which is extremely important in learning.

One of the things that Andrea notes about the College of Science, Engineering and Technology community, is that it is extremely tight-knit and that everyone wants students to succeed. Knowing that your professors want you to succeed is something that every student needs. As long as students put in the work needed for their courses, they will have help to get them through the tough spots in their education.

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Written by Judah Esparza, a senior majoring in business management and marketing at GCU.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.

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